January 15, 2013

Product Review: The ManGasm.com Prostate Stimulator

Men...now is the time to find toys just for you. Our partners over at ManGasm.com deliver quality products for men. And yes...even straight men can use these. Their toys are lightweight, affordable and compact and discreet.

My review is on the ManGasm.com "Prostate Stiumlators". In particular, the Mangasm Spark.....

I know. It looks a little complicated and you are likeWTF but these prostate stimulators are smooth and flexible   They are curved to stimulate the perineum  (the outer surface of the prostate that is very sensitive and can crive men to orgasm).  It is made form a non-porous material and is safe to use with water-based lubricants. You receive maximum stimulation from the nodules that really vibrate along the motor. It has seven speeds of pleasure.

I had a guy friend test it out..and well......the approved! *thumbs up*

IF you are confused on how to use these toys..do not worry! ManGasm.com also features videos (NSFW) on how to use the toys that they provide. Some are able to reach pleasure up to 2 minutes after using the products. Talk about efficient.

ManGasm.com are excellent resources for male products and are definitely SATSB approved :)

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  1. First let me say that I haven't even READ the post yet. I saw the picture in my newsfeed and was like, "What the what? Lemme click on this right here!" Okay, now I"m going to read the post! Bwahhaha!



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