January 25, 2013

Audiophilia: A Poem in Progress

#black love
The sweetest sound
Is how you call my name
The way you sing it like a song
Hinted with southern drawl
And soca beat, Southern bass or something in between.

How when we're alone and
Sometimes it's a lullaby
Just above the level of a whisper
Like it is a promise you are keeping.

The sweetest sound is your laugh
Loud and hearty
full of light and love and ever present
That draws me in
And makes me want to laugh with you
in syncopated beats.

The sweetest sounds is hearing your breathing
the rise and fall of your chest
soothing and calm
like a quiet storm
The waves crash as you brush my hair back
onto the pillow

I'm in love with every movement of your being
Your rhythms have collided with mine
to make something beyond harmonious
symphonies couldn't compare.

Moans are the most intricate lyrics
Your hands the perfect instruments.
You've molded me into an aria.
Strings of my heart play only what you've written upon it...

If I should go deaf...I'd still be happy
To know that I knew the sounds of you
They remind me of love
They are love.
So sweetly.

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