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Mamas, Don't Let your Babies Grow up to be Kim Kardashian

I isn't even a full week into 2013 and we are full of fucknastyness and foolishness. Courtesy of the paparazzi loving, self-absorbed duo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

While I LOVE Kanye West, who (I thought was...until he ran up in that rancid  Armenian poon) is smart, outspoken and talented and actually has a reason to make millions of dollars. I am perplexed by the purpose of Kim Kardashian other than being a staple on what is the equivocal of "Things to Do Once you Get Famous" list. People call her  (and her mother) smart and ingenious for turning her 15 minutes of fame into brand marketing.

I beg to differ. The fact that she got "famous" off a leaked sex tape with a C-rate R&B singer (who himself is only riding the coat-tails of his famous sibling) is disheartening. The fact that young girls look up to even more troubling, believing that the superficial and the artificial will get you everything you've ever wanted.

Now these two fools are procreating.. A woman who needs to seek a counselor for her "Daddy issues" and a man who needs one for his "Mama issues".....and people are excited and applauding the fact....despite the fact that she is STILL MARRIED to her slow-witted, lurch of an ex husband NBA Player Kris Humphries.  They had a very commercially sponsored wedding, racking up $17 million and a big ass rock. (that she won't return...but eh..she doesn't have to honestly because they DID wins) ..and the dumb lug Kris Humphries seemed to be smitten. Poor guy won't divorce her...citing "fraud".  The chick won't return the ring. It's just a mess..a hot ratchet mess. People can say what they want about Kris...but he has a valid claim. Still doesn't make him smart...he knew the type of woman she was BEFORE he met her. I am sure he saw the tape...The knob slobbing skills were not THAT good, bro!  (That goes for you too, Kanye!)

Why couldn't she wait until the damn divorce was finalized.? Is it because her friends were all getting pregnant? Is it because her sister (who is also unmarried) already has two kids?  Is she not even sympathetic to her married sister, Khloe, who has had fertility issues? Nope...she's pretty self say the least. Then that dude Kanye had the nerve to shout her out as his "baby mama" like it's a badge of honor. I blame Fantasia.. *sucks teef*.  Truly, she wants to capitalize on her fame and found the perfect accomplice in her agenda. This isn't to say they don't care about each other. I am sure they do...but they are going about this the wrong way.

I am all for women's rights. I am all for women procreating with whomever they'd like (or not). bout we do it in an orderly fashion? And no...I don't necessarily mean get married THEN have a baby. But about you divorce your HUSBAND first....then get pregnant by the new dude? Ugh..messy and trash ridden. And yes...I am aware that these are adults doing adult things...but that doesn't make it right. It's not ok for Kim K to have a baby while STILL married..just like it's not ok for Kanye to glamorize being a "baby mama"...(or Shawty Lo for that matter...ugh). . Had this been any other woman, a regular woman, we would be calling her all types of names. But because this Kim K, whose beauty somehow must excuse her behavior, it makes it alright. And to my surprise, women in my circles, married ones, are 100% ok with this arrangement. I bet they wouldn't think it prudent if their daughter did those things.

These are women that little girl are looking up to...women who lay on their backs,using their looks,  make sex tapes and get million dollar deals and make million dollar babies.  Little girls care not about the efforts of women's lib and instead see the benefits of laying on your back , piling on artifices to get ahead. It's ok to commercialize and trivialize marriage and just have babies all "willy nilly" with the next rich man you meet.  Sadly, women are celebrating this and saying "babies are blessings". Yes...babies are the right circumstances.

To paraphrase my friend Candi.... "it's Stank". Just plain stank. In every sense of the word.

I wish Kim a healthy and safe pregnancy.....

..and that Kanye gets an attorney just in case.


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