January 16, 2013

Product Review: Sometimes It's about Classics :)

As I was browsing the items on LadyGasm.com,  and I had a little giggle and a thought...

"Who remembers their first sexy toy?"

I remember mine. It was a classic little red regular pocket vibrator that only had a few speeds, wasn't super powerful, and I truly had no idea how to use it. It didn't last too long and I ended up burning it out (Not from over use) but because I left it on and it kept running. (LOL).

For most women, their first vibrator looked a little something like this....:

(LadyGasm Surprise Turbo Hitachi Wand Massager)

IT was a wand "massager". Clearly it was for "sore" muscles  (and can still be used for that by couples and women solo)...but women were ingenious and realized they could use it for orgasms, so much so that it was retooled and reshaped for that purpose. There are many versions of the "Hitatchi" wand, but LadyGasm.com  has them on sale for $39.95  in their "Clearance" area and it is truly the best and strongest vibrator you can buy. It's great, classic and packs a punch when necessary. It plugs into the wall and truly has two speeds: Powerful and VERY Powerful (LOL). It can reach the "hard to reach" places... and you can remove the head and clean it for easy use. 

LadyGasm.com brags that this is their one toy that "NEVER gets returned. and I guarantee that you, too, will nto want to return this toy. You definitely get more bang for your buck.

More than a massager..and more than a vibrator, this classic toy could truly become your "first toy" that you will never want to part with.

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