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Dear Mr. Marcus: You Dissapoint Me.

(sad this is the only suitable for work pic I could find of this dude...LOL)

I was inspired by my friend A and the tradition of  awesome Luvvie over at AwesomelyLuvvie to pen a sternly worded letter to my favorite porn star, Mr. Marcus. I learned last week in article in the Huffington Post that Mr. Marcus was irresponsible with his penis. Apparently he was "patient 0" in the recent syphilis outbreak that has shut down the California porn industry. He did the most irresponsible thing by altering his test results so that he can keep working. An 18 year vet of the industry, he knew better.

I was gonna wait until next week to post this..but the spirit has moved me! Therefore, he deserves a sternly worded letter from yours truly.

Dear Mr. Marcus:

You are my fav porn star I mean DUDE!! . I've been a fan for YEARS. I've even reviewed some of your work here. Your work w/ Superhead is legendary. I mean, you helped solidify her title.  You are fine. You are chocolate. You have a penis with amazing skill and curvature that is just delightful. You look like you care....or so at least I thought.

Let's face facts, sir. You are a sex worker. You know the kind of work you do and the precautions you have to take. It is a close knit community that stays getting tested. You are a man skilled with your penis as it enters varying orifices of the female frame....and yet and go out and risk your life and the life of others in your industry by continuing to spread your tainted peen all across the industry.

You are a coon, sir. I am just gonna say  it. A COON!. An typical dude who thinks "if i get a shot..I am cool" and not having to disclose this to partners. But you don't just have "regular ol' partners" like Keisha from Compton (even though she, too, would have a right to know!). No have people whose bodies are their livelihood! even if you had a muthafuckin case of the sniffles, you need to be TELLING somebody! Not taking shots and thinking it is all good, you nasty short troll! smh.....

You said you tried to cover it up because it is the "scarlet letter". making that bread more important than saving your life? Do you know what happens when you let syphilis lay dormant and untreated? You got blind, crippled and crazy. And that is no understatement..... yet and still...11 days later after your shots, you go back to work. How could you? Now there are a reported 9 workers who are suffering. You are messing up the nut of everyone involved (workers and consumers alike!). C'mon now..I need Booty Talk 21748659 to be OUT!! *smh* Nuts need to be busted and guts needs to be slain....*smh*

I am now reevaluating my fan-dom of you. Don't make me have to start looking at Rico Strong instead cause he isn't as nice with it as you. *sigh* He's all chubby and has let himself go in recent years and doesn't care about his body as much so his penis skills are getting kinda lazy..but he is my close second. Even worse, what if you make me a damn Wesley Pipes fan? And you know I HATE that ninja and his skinny weenie and his abusive talking. See...Mr. were perfect (or so I thought). A nice dude to fantasize about. You didn't talk mad trash. You let your "skills" back you up. You seemed to just be "into it" in a way most men were were a great "actor". *sigh* Great! On principle..I guess I'll be tossing me collection of your greatest works! *throws hands up*............ Ok. Maybe I'll just take a break and not watch them for a while... You disgust me, man!!

*sigh* You just know better Mr. Marcus! I am so disappointed....


  1. Aw dang, I can't believe he did that. That was irresponsible and really shows a lack of regard for his coworkers and industry. When/if he is allowed to work again (and not black-listed) who will trust him after a stunt like that? I like him too, but this may have sealed the deal for his career...

    Now see, my boo Wesley would NEVER have done something like that! *flips bird, blows kisses, & sashays off*


    1. LMAO!!! Wesley Pipes already looks like his dick is dirty. You ride too hard for that ex con. LMAO!!! But yeah..I am so dissapointed in Mr. Marcus. I am evaluated my fandom...smh and he needs to go on and retire now


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