July 26, 2012

Tumblr and the Kid........:)

(Hello Darren Sharper.........yummmy!)

If you didn't know.......in addition to two Blogger blogs.... I have a Tumblr too.

If you also didn't know.............I have a dimple fetish. (along with a beard fetish but.......whatever. I can have more than one).

SO follow me on Tumblr....my spot dedicated to black men with Dimples :)

Enjoy :)


  1. Yeeeessss!!!! Finally, someone else that can appreciate a chocolate brother with dimples. Mmmmm mmmmmm good. Heading to tumblr now for some eye candy. THANK YOU!

  2. I LOVE a man with dimples and don't let him be tall and bow legged w/a pretty smile *swoons* My Gawd from Zion that would be my kind of man!!

    Darren Sharper is FINE as hell! YES Lawd

  3. lol, i love the title of your tumblr. dimples are so gorgeous!!! love 'em.



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