July 1, 2012

July Bliss Check-In: The WIsh Box Project


  1. I had a Hope Chest too!! It was so surprise. I believe in them strongly. Everything came to fruition for me. I had my favorite childhood books that I knew I'd want to share for my kids (ie, The Giving Tree, Ohia & The Animals, Miss Nelson is Missing, etc.), as well as a gorgeous, new piece of lingerie that would be for my wedding night, among other goodies. I agree, it is fun, special, and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I love the notes to your future husband and to yourself.

    1. Yes. I have my fav books like "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters' and new classics like "Please Baby Please".... and some other tidbits similar to what you have. So far...nothing has happened...but again..I only started it a year ago



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