July 20, 2012

Feeling/ Not Feeling: Midsummer Nights


  • Beautiful in simple, summery outfits.
  • My hair has naturally changed colors.
  • All the funky styles I've been doing with my Locs
  • All things Idris Elba.
  • Finding me a hot white boy like Channing Tatum to dance to Ginuwine's "Pony".
  • White super high thread count sheets
  • Tweet still goes hard
  • Frank Ocean is everything
  • The book I just read . The Surrendered Single. It truly changed how I view relationships.
  • That being said, I'm much more relaxed and in the flow of life.
  • flowers just because.....
  • Low country boils. Yummmmy!
  • my ideal date: take me to the park, eat ice cream and talk.....so simple.
  • I'm bulking up weight wise.
  • Loehmann's. I LOVE that store.
  • Surprising one of my closest friends :) I sent her a bomb foodie package if I do say so myself: spicesm cooking stuff. So fun. She tells me all the stuff she makes! LOL
  • I like thoughtful gifts... :)
  • Men who aren't afraid I show emotions.
  • Glad I have an idea of what my dissertation will focus on.
  • Planned and thoughtful dates.
  • Glad to be writing again,
  • Food trucks and food festivals. Anything involving food really.
  • Iyanla Vanzant's new OWN show. I LOVE Iyanla
  • A man who can pick me up. No strong or easy feat cause I'm not skinny! Lmao!
  • Juicy Couture Bags :Still love them
  • Joe's Jeans: REALLY still in love with them
  • Michael Kors Watches...I want one.
  • Subaru cars. Dont ask..but I really do like them.........I was looking at one for purchase eventually. I also like Kia Souls and Nissan Jukes. I like crossover vehicles... I just want it to be black on black on black. LOL
  • sex in high heels.....yep! (LOL)
  • My friends are crazy. I would name you all by name..but you all KNOW why you are crazy..and I love you anyway.
  • dates dont have to be pricey. Take a look at this website There really is NO EXCUSE!
  • the blog is going to shift focus really soon..........stay tuned.


  • So men are still "claiming" women w/o any discussion? That is so 7th grade. this how relationships go? You go on a few raggedy basic ass dates? Fuck a few times and now you go together?? Niggas on bath salts!!
  • Steve Harvey has a talk show coming out...but why?
  • WHY will there be a "Think like a Man" #2?? POINTLESS
  • Speaking of which... I do not understand the use bath salts. I wants no part if you are eating dogs and people's faces off when you use it.
  • I also don't understand synthetic weed. Uhm.. Just smoke real weed.
  • I HATE love and hip hop: ATL..yet I watch. smh...madness
  • I actually met a hot white boy who was a dead ringer for Channing Tatum but he was a swinger .. No bueno!! Lol
  • This weather will not moderate itself. I want it to be 70 all year long.
  • How much I miss "him". I fell ago hard and loved it. If he asked me back.. Of course id probably say yes. No.. I can't say that truly and believe it.
  • The best thing about being married..........is sexing w/o a rubber. BUT...I refuse to go sans rubbermatics though. LOL
  • Boob sweat. Gross.
  • being an aggressor in a relationship. I dont like being that girl.
  • I need to get my life together re: this car situation. *sigh*.........pray for me Saints! LOL
  • That always complaining single friend. The one who thinks no man is fine enough.
  • text messages make everything so confusing...just call me! Ugh!
  • I might be crazy for being so into wedding dresses. Saw one I wanted. But no man in sight lmao!
  • Why doesn't H+M have an online component? I would rather shop online! Ugh..ok whatever. LOL
  • I got a strong back. Lmao! All these weights ...imma look like She-Ra soon.
  • My thighs are too meaty for shorts :( I love shorts but I look crazy in them.
  • Tom Cruise and Katie....nope..dont care about that either. Tom seems looney anyway...
  • For the record. I do not look like Ledisi. Just because I have my hair up! No way!
  • I really do not care if Blue Ivy looks like Beyonce or Jay Z..........LOL. 
  • Nosey bastards. Someone keeps sending anonymous messages asking if I have a man because of the poems I wrote. Uhmmmm.. We don't talk about two things on here: my job and my love life. ESP specifics on who I am dating.
  • Disturbed that the gyno kept saying I had a "good looking uterus " who says that?
  • George Zimmerman is a nutjob
  • So is Juanita Bynum. Who cares if you slept with women? *shrug*
  • Bored with fashion right now...........Oh well. 
  • people asking me about my ex husband. I could give a fuck what he does...if he's alive...or living or eating or breathing. Not that I dislike or hate him.........but I got my own life to live.
  • Men coming out the woodworks...It irks my soul.
  • Dust collection on clothes and shoes
  • Im sick of dieting and working out and it don't

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  1. I LOVE Iyanla and the sneak peak of her show was good!

    I said the same thing about Think Like a Man although I did like the movie we really don't need a part II.

    I need to finish my notes for the book club mtg tomorrow.

    I am NOT feeling not having a b day date yet again this yr boo hiss....



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