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Ask the Mocha Peach: Toys II (well 4) Men.... A Review

In our latest installment of Ask The MochaPeach, we answer questions about men and sex toys, brought to you by adult novelty shop Adam and Eve.

Dear The Mocha Peach:

My husband and I are very adventurous in the bedroom. We use all types of toys and aids, But we are looking for toys that he can use, both together and solo. You see, I travel a lot for work...and sometimes I know he gets I want him to use some toys with his porn. Not to mention, we want some toys we can use together when I return from those long trips. He's very open to the idea but we have no idea where to start.  Have any ideas?


Need Toys for my Man


Dear "Need Toys for my Man":

Well my dear, I am glad you asked me questions about sex toys for your  husband. I am glad he is open and receptive to using toys (and kudos to him for wanting to use them when his sweetpea is away  on business...awww!).

Although I do not review many ale sex toys, I assure you I have used some in my adventures in toyland with a partner and I have former partners (ok..well, really, ONE partner) who swear by certain toys. So here are a few options that I'd love for you your hubby to try solo (or together)

First...for your husband:

1) The Fleshlight ($69.99 on Adam and Eve)

This might be the most popular male masturbator. Shaped like, well, a flashlight, this masturbatory sleeve is shaped to mimic the female vaginal  (or anal cavity). Combined with a great water-based lubricant, this thing really does the job.  It is rather heavy, though. But it is rather efficient.

2) BellaDonna Pocket Pussy ($19.99)

Molded to recreate the porn star BellaDonna's actual vagina, the pocket pussy is very cost effective, small, malleable, and does the same job that the more rigid FleshLight does.  It is also much easier to clean because it is so soft and flexible.

3) Doggie Style Debbie Masturbator ($49.95)

ALthough this doesn't come in brown (and we all know brothers love brown, mounds of booty), this is a fun masturbatory toy. I looks a bit intimidating to actually fuck half a dummy from the back, but it is an affordable UR3 "skin" masturbatory aide. (and much cheaper than say a $8000 RealDoll).  Not to mention, it isn't that big. Just 5.5 inches long and 6" wide. Hubby gets to grip VERY tightly and hold some butt, while imagining it's you from the back. A guy friend of mine owns one and loves it.... Your hubby might love it.

 And now for toys you can use together....

1) Senso Sleeves: $14.95

These are super cool. They are jelly sleeves that slip over your man's penis. They basically turn his penis into a living, breathing vibrator. The silicone warms to the touch and the nubs stimulate the clitoris. It's pretty awesome..

2) Menage' aTrois DP Strap On ($34.99)

If you are as brave and adventurous as you  claim to be, then you will love the  Menage a Trois DP strap on. Now, this isn't a toy meant to intimidate or belittle your mate. Oh no , this is all for your pleasure. He straps it on while he is inside uhm.."Two" places. This is save sex at its finest. No need for an actual menage'! He has a strap on he can use....(or you can use on him........we don't cast any judgement over here!)

3) Head Gear BJ Strap $14.95

This soft, faux leather strap allows the man to guide your head and control the tempo of his blow jobs. He can go faster or slower, and control your head. It's actually very fun...( I heard....LOL). You can also use this in other places...around the waist...guiding you while you ride.

You can find all these wonderful toys at world famous adult novelty store Adam and Eve 

Disclosure: This review was brought to you by Adam and Eve. All opinions are my own :)


  1. LOL @ the Menage' a Trois DP Strap On. Now that is creative! But i dont know how many men are open/comfortable enough with themselves to strap that on. Its a good idea in theory, tho.

    1. I think you are right. a man has to really be confident and open with himself....I am not sure I'd find a brother into that..maybe a nON brother...sadly. LOL


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