July 27, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: The Audiophile Files


  • Maxwell is my fav singer of all time. Period. Point blank.
  • What is it about Al Green that makes me wanna make me have a baby? Well..at least make a baby? I mean he just does something to me........
  • John Legend is def in my top 5 singers of all time
  • Anthony Hamilton is up in there too...
  • And D'Angelo! I am so excited about his new album
  • Tweet needs to drop a new one...
  • I"m glad I got to see Sade in concert..who knows when she'll tour again...
  • Sometimes..I bump a whole day full of "trap music".........and enjoys it. It makes me wish I had a big ass and worked at Magic City......but oh well.
  • Speaking of which..T.I needs to drop that album,
  • I'm also looking forward to the 2 CHainz. Secretly..he's my "hood baby daddy" although truth be told..dude isn't hood at all. He has a college degree, went on a B-ball scholarship and graduated with a 4.0. WTF... 
  • I do find musicians who went to college VERY sexy (I.e. Ryan Leslie....he needs to drop an album too
  • My wedding CD still jams. I still listen to it.........despite the pain associated with it.
  • I like The Weeknd yet despise The Dream when essentially...they sound the same. smh. Although The Weeknd has much better production value.
  • Instagram: OK..this really has nothing to do w/ music..but I like Instagram...then again....it does let me get a peek into the personal lives of some of my fav musicians w/o being mad invasive. I think that's cool.
  • Mayer Hawthorne is so fine to me. He can get it w/ his geeky looking self. LOL.
  • I want to hear this Elle Varner
  • Adele is doing her.........and I am happy for her. :)
  • I love musicals..so I can't wait for Sparkle. Gonna def add that to the DVD collection.
  • Say what you want about R. Kelly..no one makes a "sexual soundtrack like him"
  • Frank Ocean is still everything.........seriously.
  • Jazz does a soul some good.
  • My fav jazz singers: Jon Lucien (although he is more carib-jazz fusion), Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Carmen McCrae, Billy Eckstein ....so many. so many to name. I love Jazz as a genre the most I think
  • Im thankful I grew up in a house with a great appreciation for music
  • I also most times...either have a soundtrack playing in my "head"..or an actual soundtrack going on...when "sexy time" goes down. I like music............. I Love music that much


  • I am super depressed Maxwell's concert for summer was cancelled due to his throat issues. Poor thing. He needs to get better...instead of running around w/ fake ass Basketball Wives. smh Dude drop an ALBUM...*rolls eyes*
  • I do not look like Ledisi. I do love her though. and we have the same birthday..but uhm...no..I do not like being compared looks wise. Imma be real..I'm prettier. 
  • I also get told I look like Lalah Hathaway which is cool but..I'm me though.
  • I can't stand Jaheim. Dont ask me why........I just dont.
  • that I am missing a lot of concerts. I missed Frank Ocean at Center Stage...that blows.
  • I am not here for rappers w/ no substance. I am not here for most hip hope these days anyway...
  • that I am going to have to buy a new Ipod. This one is almost full. and it was a 32 GB. smh..so sad. LMAO! now I need a 64. That'll have to be my Christmas present.........
  • I can never keep up with who is hot..or who is out........I guess I just gravitate toward what I like
  • That last Usher album was so wack to me...... ugh
  • I need Jazmine Sullivan to make her return too.......yet again if she comes w/ crap she made this last time she can stay ghost
  • L. Boogie in the big house. Maybe she'll refocus and get her life together........smh
  • I do not have enough Reggae in my repertoire. Then again...it always reminds me of my "muse"...and that hurts..........ugh. enough of that.
  • I miss that crazy Amy Winehouse........she just had 2 albums.........that is real impact
  • I miss Whitney too
  • India.Arie is BS-ing on her new album too Chick..get with it.........smh
  • IN the divorce..my ex took some of my albums. I am pretty sure he did. I have searched high and low for my Tweet albums and they are GHOST
  • Brian McKnight has lost his ever loving mind......... smh
  • soft singers
  • My workout playlist needs more adds. It really does........
  • Light Skinned rapper/singer beef. Go sit down somewhere.........and be light skinned (LOL..jokes)
  • I wish I could get into country music. Just a few artist I dig......and I am usually pretty diverse.


  1. OMG I was with you until you threw shade at J Sullivan's last cd which I have in my car right now and still BLAST!!!! I LOVE that cd she hasn't made a cd yet that I didn't LOVE! I am waiting on her and Tweet to drop new cds.

    My parents love music too. My daddy still has 8 tracks and albums lol

  2. I love musicals too. I'm just worried about seeing Sparkle... like, will i truly enjoy it, or will it feel sad/morbid for me thinking about Whitney?

    I agree re: R.Kelly. 12-Play is still one of my favorite love/sex cd's of all time, hands down.



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