March 5, 2012

While I Was There: a poem

Your hands remind me
Of sand
The sand I felt between my thighs
In foreign lands
Rough touching
No matter how much
I try and wash you off
There you go
Engrained in every part of me
You don't even realize how you
Touch me.
And I want to be able
Not to get rid of you
To have you hide in unsuspecting places
To have you exfoliate
The rough exterior of my heart
Soften me
Allow me to love you
Do you even want that, my love?
I read Neruda on the beach
Toes pressed in sand
Imagining that it's your tongue
Grazing my toes
I am aura and energy
A firefly in a daytime sky
I want to drown in you
Like quicksand
Like an hourglass measuring
The time
I fold in and out of space.
Back into you
Until I am mixed with you
And you mix with me
You've enter every fiber of me
washing an ocean..
sticking me .
The sun bakes you into me
like clay
Seeps into me
I cant rid you
I cant wash you off
I wont...
I wont...
I imagine your hands
Are sand
Sand from foreign land
Between my thighs


  1. Love this! Very sexy!

  2. THank you. I was def inspired my the scenery...and images of someone. :)



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