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Feeling/ Not Feeling


  • My birthday is a few weeks away. I'm soon about to move out of the 30-34 age box. Lol
  • Silence: when all you need to say can be done with a look, touch, or kiss.
  • Carole's Daughter Tui oil
  • Raheem Devaughn's Destination Loveland mixtape. That song "All Ready" puts me in fantasy land.
  • like i have a handle on the direction I want my research to go in.
  • The show New Girl.
  • key lime pie
  • Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food TV
  • Who Do You Think You Are on NBC. The black people are so interesting...
  • Going to see my girls in DC end of the month. I love them so. I need their energy right now.
  • Mojitos
  • Proud of myself I had balls to go travel alone. I will do it again
  • Words with Friends....I can play all day.
  • Now my girl Candi has me addicted to "Draw Something"
  • This pic of Lenny gawd....
  • strawberries and whipped cream
  • my year of celibacy is almost over
  • Portable Ipod Speakers
  • summer is almost here
  • Cole Haan shoes
  • Angie Harmon's voice
  • Dolvett Quince's teeth. My god...I love dark men and white teeth
  • Big KRIT
  • guy friends who dont want your ass.....they are a treasure
  • Confession: staring at your pictures in my phone. yep. I do it. Because you are so fine...*sigh*

Not Feeling:

  • I will be 33. Ugh lmao! Im usually so amped over my birthday. Pray I get better.
  • Silence when all you want to do is talk. Something about silence hurts.
  • I havent done a product review in
  • No idea if I'll be able to vacation again.
  • Rapper/singer collabo albums . Just do a song or two
  • The phrases "it's not you, it's me."  followed by " I just need some space". Makes you feel like a nuisance and an asshole...when all you wanna do is be close to them.
  • Sometimes it IS you..
  • Cheap ass tequila.
  • I cant remember the last time I kissed someone.
  • Traveling alone just magnifies the fact that you are single...
  • All these competition shows. How many music/fashion/modeling/acting competition shows must we have?
  • Losing at Words with Friends to people I KNOW are not that bright. Cheating asses! You hated to write papers in school. sucka! LOL
  • uncomfortable messages from male friends on Facebook. I hate trying when I post pics and people give crazy commentary, esp men, ESP married ones...
  • I am uncomfortable taking compliments.
  • having no energy or time to work out
  • cottage cheese...yuck
  • daydreams not being reality
  • I need another vacation.
  • I drank far too much on vacation
  • tan lines that are visible
  • my year of celibacy is almost over....
  • Guy friends who test you.'ll never hit this. EVER.
  • Nicki Minaj has lost her way..and apparently her skin color.
  • Confession: I miss's not healthy
  • that Snooki is pregnant, someone actually is gonna marry Amber Rose....and I'm single and childless.


  1. *swoons* at that pic of Lenny I am def feeling that!!!!!!

    I LOVE Diners, Drive In's and Dives (although I am the pickest eater known to man)

    Kudos on traveling alone it is def on my bucket list

    Raheem D is EVERYTHING love his music!!!

    I am NOT feeling losing a hour of sleep this weekend

    Not feeling being bored and stuck in the house yet another weekend boo hiss

    Not feeling the fact that I haven't had a date since I moved here 12yrs ago #FAIL *le sigh*

  2. Im definitely feeling that first pic of Lenny! LOL

    Uggghh!!! @ you rushing us out of the 30-34 bracket. Dang, girl! We still have over a year (I mean, barely, but still). lol

    Yeah, Nicki has really done a 180 - and not in a good way.

    I havent seen New Girl, gotta check that out!


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