March 15, 2012

Square Peg/Round Hole: A Poem

It's 20***....

Square Peg....

Here we are again...

Falling harder than Gabby Sidibe hitting a split off a pole at Magic City

Yes.. We here we are again. Falling hard. For him.

Here we go... Writing love lorn poetry over this man.

Again and again. Like a teenager wondering what your last name sounds like with his.

We get sick at the thought of not speaking to him.
Wondering how his day is. And what he's doing.
What kind of underwear he has one.
What it feels like to slip your tongue around his manhood....
If his cologne smells like sex.

Here we are jonesing for the man.

But she is too....

Round hole...

He used to be so interested.....

Hanging on your every word...

He calls you at 10 pm and calls her at 10:39.

You text him at 7 and get no response till Midnight

because he's texting her depth

Afterthought you are...

Square Peg...

You are writing your names with his on scraps of paper.

She's tattooing his name on his heart .

And you don't stand a chance.

You try and ignore it.

Surely I'm so bad and I'm so fly bitches can't stand a chance. 
Oh I got him. I got this.

No you don't .

Round Hole

You say you love his favorite group. She's got one up on you with tickets to the concert .

You cook his favorite meal...she's growing and planting seeds in his garden.

He's plucking a weed.

He wants to fuck you...and keep it moving.

All you are is hole... bodily embodiment of a place to release.

You are here. So far away...

He is there. And she's there too....


What you thought was coincidence wasn't.
No matter how much you tried to shove it down your deep, dark hole in your heart.

Square peg

Round hole

You try to share....bits and pieces...overshare to overstand...

He picks and chooses ..

Assigning importance

You self inflict the blame

She wins....

Because she fits....

Lock and key in his heart.

But you don't

Like picking locks with a bobby pin

Square peg

In a world of round holes...

You never win...

(PS: Thanks to my new FB Group for inspiring this poem....)


  1. *snaps fingers* Another great poem

    I won't even say what my fav parts were nor can I send them to him we had a major blow up last Sun and haven't spoken since :-(

  2. Wow Mocha, you are an extraordinary, amazing poet.

    This poem touched me deeply. It was so creative.

    You should be published!

  3. Agreeing with "anonymous." YOu need to be published!!!

  4. Thanks you all. I def want to be published. Just gotta find the right avenue...:)



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