November 23, 2011

Good Ol' Twitter Wisdom

I ran across an old tweet...

"Fear is paralyzing. I need courage, the ability to fight through fear. I am afraid to be in love because I'm afraid to be FREE. I am afraid to be in love because I am afraid to be and BE dissapointed. Above all else, I am afraid to be in love because...I might actually enjoy it. And for me..enjoyment usually means this is too good to be true..and bound to fail."

Gosh...I'm Confucious in this mug.....*smh*

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  1. Twitter wisdom, at its finest.

    Cannot really say I agree or disagree with the statement. I just know that when Love calls your name...

    Kem never lied.

  2. Deep! That wasn't confusing at all - i followed it all the way. Love is beautiful at best, but makes you vulnerable and not in complete control. And that is scary.

  3. I failed and then I failed better - Another twitter quote



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