November 4, 2011

Feeling/Not Feeling

  • The weather is I'm feeling warm, inviting, sexy, alluring..maybe even a little "daring"
  • Like we skipped fall and are going straight into winter. Wow.........*burrr*
  • Cold sheets. I like my sheets ice cold, then gradually warming up.
  • Down comforters
  • Maxwell albums never, EVER get old for me
  • Argyle tights. Patterened tights in general
  • Iphone 4s
  • Winter skin exfoliating
  • That my feet are covered and I can save on the pedicures.
  • This is prob my fav Monica song of all time.............
  • I like Drake. Sue me! *shrug*
  • I'm gorgeous. I mean absolutely stunning. And it's not my problem if other people don't see it. *shrug*

Not Feeling
  • That despite this weather changing, there really is no one to share that with...except my boyfriend TiVo (LOL)
  • That this is me most weekends...
(that's cocoa in my mug...LOL)
  • That there is no point to my cell phone. I dont even get that many texts. People don't call.  Yet I want an Iphone 4s? I might as well go back to the days of the flip phone.
  • Remaking The Best Man? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *thumbs down*
  • Seasonal Affect Disorder.........Not cool :(
  • I'm all boobs and big hair. I'm so Southern that way :( *smh*
  • I dont like Jay Z...SUE ME! *shrug*
  • Still can't rock a super high heel........*sigh*, My ankle does this weird pop and spasm
  • People are too caught up in their own fucking feelings, yo. For real. You salty over what?? *smh* Get over yourelf
  • That apparently you're a "lesbian" if you're celibate. Interesting............
  • Like I have a "mentor": Someone a little older than me that is where I wanna be: Marriage, Career, Family..... Gotta search
  • This blog is dying a slow death.......(LOL) I wanna pull the plug EVERY day...but something tells me not to.
  • I'm gorgeous. I mean absolutely stunning. And THE PROBLEM IS if other people don't see it. *shrug*


  1. AMEN to Maxwell's cds NEVER getting old I am such a groupie/STAN for that man!!!!!

    Yes, you are gorg and take great pics

  2. "That my feet are covered and I can save on the pedicures." THANK YOU!!!! Ditto. lol

    I like Drake too. I mean, he gets a LOT of airplay here in NYC (and I mean a lot... probably too much), but when Im not sick of it I do enjoy his music.

    I liked Best Man soooo much. Im scared that Im going to be disappointed. Sigh. Im excited about it BUT a little leery. We'll see.

    I feel the same way about my PrissyMommy blog. So over it. But afraid to let it go. Style Me Prissy is my new baby. But I think that's pretty obvious, from how I neglect the others (lol).

    Girl you are gorgeous. Who can't see that?!! *looking around confused*

  3. Love these...especially the last one:-)

  4. Co-sign Monica, Maxwell and even Drake's music. I don't understand why people fail to appreciate some really solid music being delivered by each of their artists.

    I like cold sheets that gradually warm as well. Not really into a cold weather mode, as of yet.

    I become rejuvenated through blog breaks. I love writing, but blogging is different.

    Love how you listed the last bullet, twice. You are an absolute doll, when you want to be.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Ok so I absolutely love you blog :) just came across it today & I've spent the last 3 hours reading... So I'm really not ready for it to die. Great work.



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