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Sex in College: The Dirty Truth’s Ten Commandments

   **Part 2 of our guest blogger series "Sex in College" by Christine Vega. I hope you enjoyed her first post**

Sex surrounds us! This is part two of my “Sex in College” series. I honestly don’t know how many of these I’ll write. Chances are, I am going to write to avoid three VERY bad dates. I know what you’re thinking: “How did you score three dates on a Saturday night, girl? What’s your secret?” Here’s the catch, their names are Government, French, and Spanish. Yep, it’s gonna be a long, hot, steamy, sexy night. Trust me.
As a gold-medal procrastinator, I decided to delve into something more fun: sex. My trusty Google search turned up a bit more pornography than I wanted (I’m not a porn person). However, I found a few newsworthy pieces online that gave me some new insight besides what my friends and I have experienced. Sex is a realm that can be scary and these are my parting words of wisdom from both research and experience:

1.     Be a playful tease, even somewhat raunchy- not a massive whore.
2.     Play with his mind- the last date, if you want to call it that, I scored by informing the guy that I like that he forgot something. This went on for a good hour until I got what I wanted- some men are novices in college. Be patient and you may be surprised.
3.     Give nerds a shot- really! They are usually the ones who will be the sweetest and the most respectful.
4.     Be blunt, yet mysterious. Speak your mind but not too much.
5.     Play somewhat hard to get. Treat him like a cat- waive the “toy” in his face then, pull it away. Eventually, let him get it.
6.     Sex is not to be fear, nor abuse. Find a happy medium.
7.     Use a condom. I would also suggest lube, but, at least a condom.
8.     Get tested and don’t be embarrassed to obtain emergency contraception. Educate yourself- there are responsibilities when it comes to sex.
9.     Love someone without necessarily being their girlfriend. Unless you are engaged, there’s no need to become exclusive.
10.  Take care of yourself first, then him. Be nice, but not too nice.
12.  Be direct, but not a bitch.
13.  It’s sex, not rocket science.
14.  A compliment can go a long way.
15.  Their attention span isn’t long- don’t expect much.
16.  A hook up isn’t going to lead to a relationship. However, it can: my most meaningful relationship to date stemmed from one.
17.  Don’t obsess- it will only bite you in the ass.
18.  Have a positive attitude.
19.  Spend the time to get to know someone, instead of money wooing them. Although a bouquet of roses goes a long way in my book, there is such a thing as overkill.
20.  A passionate lifestyle often carries over into bed. If you aren’t a passionate person about life, sex will become a technical game of routines. Personally, I know few people who enjoy these technical, methodic games of routines.  


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