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The Foot Connoisseur

What is it about FEET that turns men on? I just don't get it.

Ever since I was a little girl and saw Eddie Murphy go nuts over womens' feet in Boomerang, I still didn't understand the fascination. It's just FEET. I dont think feet are meant to be pretty. I mean, they work hard for you every single day!  I never dated a guy so into feet...well....not until I got divorced. Now it seems like errywhere I turn, some bama is into feet! What gives, America??

I mean, it seems as though EVERY guy I meet is into a woman with "pretty toes and feet". WTF son! I can understand if you dont want a sista to have ashy heels looking like she is from a third world country. And of course, when summer comes, your pedicure should be just right.  Not to mention, feet are essential for my shoe obsession (lol). BUT..still..what TURNS MEN ON about feet, the most un-sexy part of anyone's body?

I've heard it all. I'd had men ask to suck them. Touch them. Rub them. Feel them. Lotion them. Send pictures of them Some brothers even like for you to rub their janks with your feet!! *shudders*  It is just TOO weird to me. Finally, I had to ask a guy friend to break it down to me as to WHY men love feet so damn much:

There is just something about a woman's foot, so delicate, so feminine.  The curve of the arch. The softness of the heel. The evenness of toes. When a woman gets a pedicure, how symmetrical her polish is. It truly is an errogenous zone. I want to caress them. I want to rub them. Feel them.  Kiss them. I know when I do, especially when she's tired, it gives her just as much pleasure as if I was giving her head for hours on end. Pretty toes. French pedicures. Suckable toes. And then in some sexy open-toe stillettos? Feet are gorgeous. And if a woman takes care of her feet, then she truly takes care of the rest of herself.

Well damn....

I'm sure dating a man with a foot fetish also has it's drawbacks. I mean, getting a pedi every damn week is expensive! My lord..and you gotta worry if your heels are crusty. And don't let it be cold..he'll still refuse to want to see you chillin in the house with those comfy toe socks on! That'll be a no-go! I am straight up cold natured..

Neverthless, I have never been with a guy that deeply into "foot worship". That could be fun....maybe a little kinky. Grrrrrrrrr! (lol)

Perhaps I need to find me a man with a foot fetish! At least I know my feet and shoes will be tight! *shrug*

Is your man (or if you are a man..are you) into feet?? What makes them so sexy to you?


  1. As someone who was a dancer and hockey player, I really do not see the appeal of feet. Am I the only one who thinks that feet are dirty?

  2. I can't believe there was only one comment for this! I have met sooo many men that absolutely adore feet. The last one was over the top, he had more sex with my feet than my Va-Jay Jay.....REALLY! it was crazy. At first i can't lie, I enjoyed having my feet rubbed and toes sucked all the time...but after a while he would spend NO time with the rest of my body! He would go straight to my feet. I don't know what the fetish is all about, however if you haven't had your own guy with a foot fetish I suggest trying it just I said the foot rubs were amazing! The boning of my arches however, was a bit much for the kid! hahaha...

  3. lol, I am not into feet at all, and a bit self-conscious about mine, so glad D isn't one of those "foot fetish" guys. LOL


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