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Feeling/Not Feeling

·          Joe’s Jeans. They make me look like I got a badunk (and that’s a miracle)
·         Slightly nerdy dudes (let me stress the SLIGHTLY part)
·         Warm, inviting smiles
·         Keeping relationships OFF of social networks. I can’t stand when folks have to broadcast it all. Goodness gracious.
·         MAC Wonder Woman collection (that’s what I’ve been rocking for 2 months)
·         Turning 32 in 10 days
·         Lingerie I actually look good in.
·         Super cold Welch’s grape juice
·         My first pole dancing class my birthday weekend! WHOOP!!  My alias Teela Belleau will be in the house!! Heyyyy! (Ok...not really)
·         How sexy little things are…and how folks don’t realize they do it
·         My desire to go t as many concerts as possible this summer.  It started with Kem/Ledisi last week. Up next: Bruno Mars/Janelle Monae, Then…Melanie Fiona/Marsha Ambrosius...and wrapping up my summer with Sade/John Legend at Phillips Arena
·         Speaking of which...that new Marsha Ambrosius. MY GOD! That album is sexy on fiyah!
·         Wedding Season has just begun
·         I think I’m going to get back into wearing Royal Blue again. My closet is full of grays, blacks and reds. So sad. And some yellow here and there.
·         Spring means allergy season! *sigh*
·         I never had a honeymoon. *shrug*
·         People confusing being “nice” for interest. I don’t want you. Trust me. So let it go.
·         Turning 32 in 10 Days (I feel so unaccomplished at this stage in my life)
·         Working out (although I am getting results)
·         Seems as though I’m on a blog dry spell. (Not really...I got school and life and stuff)
·         Spontaneous date plans. Nah Patna...I need a concrete plan. I got to plan an outfit and errythang.
·         Losing my original purchase of MAC Wonder Woman and having to BUY the whole thing all over again.
·         Muffin-tops. *sigh*
·         Spilling said grape juice on a white shirt
·         My pinky toe hurting in almost every pair of shoes I own. What gives!!
·         All this vacation time I have YET to use. Plus a credit from Airtran I am scheduled to lose if I don’t use it soon L
·         Uhm…I need a date to these concerts. (LOL)
·         Finally coming to terms that I MUST buy petite designer jeans. I am not 5’8”…(lol)


  1. You're the third person I've heard talking about Joe's Jeans in the past week. They must be the double truth! What style did you end up getting? All the cuts and fits, it's like going to Starbucks to order a mocah frappa-rappa-venti-double-expresso-soy-latte hold the whip!

  2. I'm short so I ordered the Petite Provocateur jeans in bootcut. ANd I also ordered the Honey cut (but I had to get them altered because I am a midget)

  3. I've gotta check out these Joe's Jeans!

    Oh no!!! @ losing your MAC purchases. Bummer!

    Can't believe we are turning 32. Goodness gracious, where have the years gone?


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