November 13, 2010

Vlog: Ask TheMochaPeach

Part 1

Part 2


  1. lol, cracking up at the "true sista" question/statement. And.... "it's obvious that he wants you, take a wild guess?" lmao! What is up with these questions.

    You are so pretty!!!!

  2. A couple questions left me confused as well, but you provided answers that were well-informed, and entertaining.

    Worst dates: The answers are hilarious! If I were you, I'd jumped in the line directly behind him. Hahahaha.

    A couple co-workers & I sat here and watched the videos and everyone commented on the fact that you'd do well in front of the camera.

  3. @Don..ya think? Eh..I doubt it. Snd why you showing my videos to co-workers! LMAO! Im so ashamed! and shy! LMAO!

    @Yaki....awww.thanks love! You're purty too!



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