November 12, 2010

Poem: My Un-Apology

I will not apologize
For my desire to be loved
My desire to be wanted
Appreciated and needed.
I will not apologize for being so damn fabulous
That I want to share myself with someone.
I know I’m too fly to be in a perpetual dating circle.
Some of us are just “breed” that way.
T o all the women…
Who are accused of being desperate and pressed for “a man”
DONT YOU DARE apologize
For wanting to be loved, cherished, appreciated and valued
You hold your heads high...
Keep your hearts carefully guarded
And you say to the naysayers...
"Desire" is not desperation.
“Pressed” isn’t pressure.
To "Care" isn’t to have cloudy judgment.
Who wants to spend the rest of their lives roaming...
From arms to arms.
Heart to heart….
I know myself just fine.
How much time do you want me to be alone?
I love myself just fine.
Dont tell me I'm too young..

worry about other things.
Who said this was a "worry"....It's a want.
Next time someone...
Asks you to apologize
For something as innate as your DNA
You refuse…
And say
Fuck you.


  1. ^5 Never apologize for what you want.


  2. I LOVE IT!

    I love the new layout too....NICE.

    You can add brillant poet to the repertoire!



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