November 6, 2010

There's No Money In Sex...

I absolutely love blogging. Writing is  and has always been my first love. I love that my blog has a pretty clear focus and that I get pleasure and enjoyment out of giving you all a sneak peak into my world of dating, divorce, and all things in between. I even got the balls and bravery to do some video blogs (vlogs).

But...there's no money in blogging...about Sex and Relationships.

I'm not saying I'm blogging for the dough. That's crazy talk! BUT...I'd love to get incentives. Slowly but surely...I participated in some cool give-aways and in some great review programs but..UNLIKEthe Mom Bloggers....which there seems to be a greater market for...folks aren't running to ME. Folks arent sponsoring me for contests or blog networking conventions or anything!  Unlike mom bloggers (or even pop culture bloggers), we  (the sex and relationship bloggers) don't get the great amount of PR or anything.  Some of the mama blogs I read arent even that good (lol)..and every week there seems to be a new one...but from a marketing scale they are SUPER attractive. It doesnt work and there's no market... I see my girlfriends who are mom bloggers withpubs on radio stations, in major magazines, and taking pics and networking with celebs. I'm proud of them..but I def want and need to get in on that. (I mean..unless someone knocks me up in the next year or so..and I change the focus of my blog around totally..I dont see myself doing

It's up to ME to create the market and demand....and this is where design, marketing and self-promotion will be key. I think I'm going to start a Facebook fan page seperate from my personal page....I already have the business cards and the new blog design coming. Heck..maybe I'll start my OWN blogging network for those who deal with sex and relationship issues *LightBulb* . It'll all come together because I'm patient. I also love the fact that I get emails from women (trust I'll be answering some of them SOON in an upcoming vlog) and messages from people who read my blog! I feel so so blessed! I didnt think my lil ol blog would be that awesome to some people.

I see bigger things for this. What was intended to be a hobby and place for me to vent, has turned into a full scale labor of love. And just like anything's gonna be hard work. I'm not trying to win awards. I'm just trying to get my message (whatever that may be) out there.

I'm ready :)


  1. Awesome post!!!! I agree, companies do flock ridiculously to mom bloggers... and there are other niches out there with influence and clout. I think it's great that you're gonna just grab the bull by the horns and take the initiative to market yourself. It CAN be done, and I'll for sure assist you in any way that I can!

  2. Haha I work in PR and the flock to mom bloggers is crazy. My client, Popsicle, did a whole campaign focused around them and Twitter where we paid an astronomical fee for them to get on Twitter and have bimonthly Twitter parties promoting the campaign.

    Another big thing is also food and dessert blogs or any blogs that do product reviews. Not as big as mom bloggers but blogs like scoopalicious also have major companies pitching them products left and right. Good luck!!!

  3. Sounds like something is on the horizon....

    There is some part-time money to be made in blogging. I saw a few dollars here and there, back in the days & a couple tickets to Essence Festival.

    As you stated, market your brand, obtain sponsors, etc.

    Good luck. You write well enough to accomplish anything on the blogs.



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