November 5, 2010

Feeling/Not Feeling


  • secret admirers
  • argyle anything: sweaters, tights, scarfs...I LOVE some argyle
  • Chinese buffet w/ all you can eat crab legs (YUMMMM)
  • this detox...I feel lighter..relaxed...centered
  • surprises that make me giddy
  • that people actually read my little ol' blog...and I appreciate the love! *hugs*
  • Men in the following Fall ensemble: cashmere v-neck sweater, dress shirt, tie, slacks and a slip on Kenneth Cole/Cole Haan shoes...MERCY! *fans self* Just pick me up off the floor now!
  • Modern Family (LOVE that show...)
  • Mayer Hawthorne. GET THIS ALBUM!
  • the fact that I have readers and watchers of the vlogs that just surprise me! :)
  • the fact that Kanye is gonna come with the heat....controversy and all
  • the semester is ALMOST OVER!
  • Marsha Ambrosius and THIS DAMN SONG!
  • that smart is still sexy to some guys...there's still hope!

Not Feeling

  • that out of the 8 years of his presidency..W thought that Kanye's "Bush dont care about black folks" was his lowers moment? So we blaming it on the brother again huh?
  • to be honest..I havent learned a damn thing in the classes I'm taking *shrug*
  • the fact that "the mentally challenged" can now be added the the list of men who approach me. WTF! So 50 Tyson likes to hit on me too? ugh
  • Also add Thugnificent and his patna dem to that list as well
  • unrequited love
  • being so bored with my look
  • the fact that this detox has some rather unpleasant bathroom moments (TMI..I know!)
  • people not making their intentions known UP FRONT! Wasting my daggone time!
  • men who move TOO SLOW OR move in their in their actions dont match their feelings.
  • the fact that I am so shy around the opposite sex.
  • that Undercovers got cancelled AND Boris is in tax trouble..thats so sad! *sigh*
  • having to break out the space heater so early! Brrrr!
  • Men who are TOO into feet. What kinda of a sicko, weirdo are you? LOL
  • Taylor Swift. She's pretty turrible.
  • singers these days sing TOO SOFT. Where are the HARD singing brothers??


  1. A blogger/twitter friend of mine put me on to Mayer Hawthorne a few weeks ago and I'm hooked!

  2. I remember the photograph of the Argyle socks. Too cute.

    I can eat crab legs all day long.

    Your blog is well-written and entertaining. Plus, if your readers truly know your spirit, then it's even more worthwhile.

    ZZ Top said it best: "Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man.

    Agreed. I wrote something touching upon Kanye West's upcoming album. I too believe it will be FIYAH. Runaway's music was exceptional.

    George Bush probably doesn't know who Kanye West is.

    Have you lost the passion concerning your studies. I've read a few tweets. Sup?

  3. I love argyle too!!!
    I LOOOOOVE the Chinese buffet w/all you can eat crab legs too. lmao! If someone takes me there for my birthday I am a happy woman!

    I'm not a fan of Taylor either. Oh no, Boris is in tax trouble? :(

    I'm so feeling Eric Benet's song "Sometimes I Cry." Do you like that one?



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