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Divorce is Funny (and Profitable)

My girlfriend/sorority sister/legal eagle, Y, sent me a link to a New York Times article about the Huffington Posts new section totally dedicated to DIVORCE.- a section that has dating information, info on blended families, and even the effects of divorce (and of course..celebrity divorce gossip).  It's actually quite resourceful.  Even noted author Nora Ephron, known for her cheerful, happy books, is also a contributor to the section.  I thought to is PROFITABLE! Gosh...perhaps my decision to be a blog about "life after divorce" wasn't such a bad idea.

Well...Huffington Post's new section...wasnt an instant hit. It sent the blogosphere into an uproar, particularly with those dear, old (and often delusional) Mommy Bloggers (most of whom are SAHM's who think Divorce just will NOT HAPPEN to them). They called Nora Ephron (who is a contributor to the section) crazy for finding humor in divorce. Women took it so far to say Ephron was doing a disservice to women who were divorced to abuse or addiction in marriages .I'm sure when Ms Ephron, a noted author, decided to sign up to contribute to this section she wasn't trying to find the humor in abuse. Out of context...these bloggers went there! "There is nothing funny about DIVORCE!", they screamed from behind their keyboards.

But guess what..Divorce is funny. You have to laugh through the pain.  I won't even lie..I did some FUNNY ISHT during my divorce. I mean at the time, I didnt THINK it was funny...but looking back on it..I can laugh.

For example: During one of our major fights, I was so angry that I went and bought a bike chain and locked the fridge. My husband, who wasnt working,wasnt contributing but sitting at home eating all the food. I got tired of coming home seeing dishes in the sink and he was on the couch eating. I got tired of cooking and not being appreciated. So...I locked the fridge.  He was MAD AS HELL! I think he lost 15 lbs in a week (lol). I dunno WHO was feeding him...but it wasn't me.  I think he sent his cousin text messages like "OMG..I'm so hungry" LMAO! Bruh was NOT gonna get in that fridge....At the time I was furious..but now..that was probably a silly (and mean) thing to do.

Fights are funny. Actions are funny. Breakups can be comical. I've had a lot of funny break ups..funny last conversations that were clouded with my tears.  I said some funny and often times irrational things.  Men who've broken up with me..have said some funny shit. Stuff like "I'm just an asshole..I'd hurt you" or "Of werent the BEST sex I've had".  Or when your MIL get so upset that you divorced your baby...she wants the china back that she and her family bought (not to use..just to have it back)..and you stand over it..with a hammer...debating on sending it back to her in 1000 pieces. Yeah that hurts...but you gotta laugh at it. If we can't laugh to keep from crying, what good is humor as a soothing balm for what ails us?  Comedians would be out of business and TV sitcoms wouldn't have many plots to work with.

I'm gonna need these delusional bloggers to get over it....and laugh a little. And even my fellow divorced compadres....we gotta learn to laugh through the pain.

Because one day we'll be laughing....and it'll just be pure joy we are celebrating!



  1. This is funny and you are absolute right: we have to find humor in the hard times in order to keep the sanity. No wonder people go off the deep end, they forget to not take life too serious.

  2. Karma said:

    Divorce isn't a laughing matter. Its sad to see a family break up. But if a person isn't happy in a relationship then that can be even sadder. People usually work it out for the kids but most adults who grew up in unstable homes or with an unhappy parent will say they wish their parent had divorced. Sometimes it can hurt the people you are trying to protect more than help.

  3. Yeah, I think we've all done some crazy things during/after a fight or breakup ~ LOL

    And ITA, whoever things divorce can't happen to them really is delusional. It doesn't speak of their character or make them a bad person, nor a failure of a person. *shrug* Not sure why ppl think they're immune to it.


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