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Feeling/Not Feeling

  • Men hate them..but false eyelashes, when applied sparingly, are fabu!
  • Amel Larrieux and THIS SONG... and THIS ONE TOO ..she is so beautiful vocally.
  • My blogger homie  (and real life friend) having so much success and getting to interview her celeb crush, Wendy Williams:
  • Cashmere Sweaters
  • Sequins..they are the THING this season. I want them in shorts, leggings, cardigans.....*sigh* Obsessesd with them right now
  • Bubble Baths, especially in cold winter months.
  • an itching desire to shave my head a la Chrisette Michele
  • the itching desire to be a mom
  • the need for a sister circle and femal energy
  • diamonds. I will always love diamonds
  • Going green's the little things I can do
  • Real Simple magazine...
  • Colbie Caillet....esp this song w/ Jason Mraz
  • Black Girls INDEED Rock..(I need one of those shirts)
  • My simple Christmas List (*ahem*... hint hint): Marshalls/Ross/TjMaxx/DSW giftcards, a Wii in RED, a 40 inch Flatscreen, a classic Tiffany necklace and bracelet, Bulgari watch (HA! yeah right)...and a Kindle. Yep..that's it :)
  • the semester is ALMOST OVER! WOO HOO!
  • my upcoming trip to DC MLK weekend..cant wait to squeeze and love and  (possibly) cry with my girls!
  • Vegas...March 2011..It's going down..BASEMENT!!

Not Feeling
  • Kanye selling his soul and intergrity for some record sales. That Interview w/ Matt Lauer was a PR nightmare and mess.
  • someone as LAME as Tony Parker would cheat on Eva Longoria...gosh..there is no hope I tell ya if corny jokers think they can cheat.
  • this weight just won't go away....*sigh*
  • not having time to clean my apartment the way I'd like...and not having a maid. LOL
  • my slacking up on Pedis (and manis)! Just cause it's almost winter doesnt mean I need to neglect my feet. Even if I just do it myself....
  • getting married again. This all could change. It ebs and flows...
  • the way men are quite dismissive of women and relationships. It's sad.
  • people trying to hook me up who truly have NO CLUE about what I like..and asking me to make concessions. Divorced doesnt mean desperate. I am still YOUNG and attractive enough (I feel) not to have to compromise.
  • I dont have enough white friends (lol)
  • I just have no desire to has fizzled....
  • Perstistant, bugaboo jokers...*smh* Dude..pace your damn self...and get a clue!
  • the fact I can not properly wear certain clothing....which brings me to the next point....
  • the fact that plastic surgery is soooo expensive. I am quite candid in saying I want some work done. But..the costs are just..awful.
  • Essence Magazine is just terrible these days
  • I dont have a defined "style" many cute winter looks and Im both broke and undecided on what to do style wise.
  • my readership for the blog is NOT GOOD. I hate how people jsut read and never comment. I'd appreciate a comment every blue moon. I esp have ONE reader..who's probably reading now....who will bring up what I say in conversations with them. How weird are you, DUDE?
  • being stuck here the next few years due to school. I wanna quit but..I cant. And you just cant "transfer" into another PhD program.


  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog, I read your poem My Un-Apology over on the For Colored Girls blog, and definetly wanted to check out your blog. I love this feeling/not feeling list! And they sell Red Wii's?! Awesome!! Love your blog!

  2. @Mommy Glow! Thanks so much! I appreciate it. YES! they selL RED Wii' a matter of fact....I need to get my in stock so I can be ready :)

  3. omg that is beyond beyond exciting!! Do you already have games in mind you know you want to get? I desperately want a Wii and Wii Fit. I've played dance revolution and defjam rapstar(karaoke) and it was so fun. I love that it is interactive!

  4. Hey Mocha! Great post. I really like your blog.

    If you get a chance, feel free to stop by and check out my blog (

    Also, some fellow bloggers and myself are involved in a movement to help bloggers unite. If you are interested in participating or learning more about it please contact me (

    Thanks & Keep up the great work!

  5. Will try and comment more. I do enjoy reading its nothing personal. Its hard to comment on here from a phone.

  6. Karma said:

    Oh emm gee Tony Parker is such a douch bag. How are you going to sue over being outted for cheating just to cheat. I saw on the news this morning that they all did a reenactment of the movie Grease with Eva as Sandy and the woman he was cheating with playing Rizzo.

    He also said he was Sexting not sexing this other woman. In your opinion do you think sex talk via text is worth divorcing? I do believe she said he cheated before and this was the end all... I hate to believe once a cheat always a cheat but dag goneit they are proving it right.

  7. #teamKanye LOVES him and the fact that he is NOT PC! He didnt sell his soul to anybody he is to arrogant for such.

    Essence has gotten terrible but I still support them

    I want a Black Girls ROCK t shirt as well

    Also need a 40 inch flatscreen

  8. I didn't know had red Wii's!! So late!! We have the same exact wish list almost...ESPECIALLY that Kindle! OMG!

    So proud of Yakini, she deserves it!

    2011 is your year sounds like!!

    I'm making my own Black Girls Rock shirt.

    Please don't be discouraged from blogging, you can tell by your ticker that you got a nice size fan base. The WWW needs you!! *wink*

  9. Love falsies!!!!! Such an easy way to go from plain to glam within minutes.

    Still reeling that I got to interview her - and be in that fashion show! Omg - surreal!!!

    I'm obsessed with chocolate diamonds now. Sooo pretty.

    I can't stand it when ppl lurk and don't comment. If you like it than SAY something, sheesh. Hell, if you don't like it say something (lol). But don't be a voyeur! *sigh* Frustrating.


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