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5 Things I Hate To Hear Men Say

*Note: This blog is a response to my (new-found) cyber homeboy and kindred blog-spirit  over at The Reasonable Bachelor (follow him on Twitter to @JacksonBracey)  He had this hilarious (yet true) list of 5 things that he hates to hear women say. Of course...I posted it to share on FB and it started a little dialogue. The ladies were like "So where's OUR list of stuff we hate to hear men say??" On the fly (and not to be outdone..LOL)...I responded..and this is the polished result*

 I think that men don't think they get on our nerves. They don't realize that they to have little quirks and sometimes the things they say get on our nerves. They may not be known to be great communicators, but some stuff they say can truly chap our hides and get in the way of effective communications in relationships. Those top 5 things are the following (in no particular order):

1) It's Not That Serious-  So you all have an argument or disagreement. To you, this is the motherload  of all arguments..(Maybe this is about his "flirty" communication with some chick on Facebook...ok..maybe it's really about him leaving the toilet seat up again..but argument is an argument). This statement is a two fold wall of annoyance. Not only are you negating how I feel..but you are downplaying the nature of your own feelings and the situation. How are you gonna tell me what's serious and what's NOT serious? How are you going to just sweep things under the rug and tell me what's important and what's not important?  It is serious..because my feelings count too. And so do yours?

2) Trust Me (I got it): you don't. You are not Superman. I understand that the male ego is enormous and your pride and bravado is always on display...but can't do it all. If you are broke, don't try and overextend yourself and try and shower us with lavishness. If we are in a relationship..this is what we women are here for. To help..and if chick is as materialstic as you think she is..then you need a new chick. A real chick doesnt care about that stuff. It doesnt matter in the long round.

3) Sure..I can fix it. I don't need any help: See. #2. This just an extension of that. Men naturally think that they can fix anything..even with no experience. Cars. Electronics. Putting furniture together...If it comes with instructions, most men will toss those out and say they have it. This isn't the 1950's were men were usually very good with hands. I don't know many "handy men" out of Generation X...a microwave generation. Most men drive cars...and don't fix em. Ikea bothers the sh*t outta you since you gotta put it together yourself. Do us all a favor..and pay someone to do it.

4) It didn't mean anything: This one truly chaps my hide. If it didn't mean anything, then why the fuck did you do it?? Why'd you say that mean thing you say? Why'd you fuck my sorority sister? (See how this statement becomes not only problematic..but just ridiculous). Saying it doesn't mean anything means "Look..don't worry your pretty head over this. It's none of your business" Well..if it affects US..then it is my business. Don't try and say "it didn't mean anything" when it's something that hurts me. This is just you trying to weasel your way out of a situation by trying to downplay its importance, its significance. Take ownership...this is the measure of a man. Negro..ya did it! *smh*

5) The Silent Treatment (i.e. not saying a damn thing): Men can seriously be poor communicators. Just shutting down and not saying anything isn't going to help at all. You have to open up. If we piss you off...say it in a constructive manner. If we hurt you, say it! Just don't check out of the conversation. Talk to us. Just staring at the flat screen doesn't help the us at all. Yes women like to talk...but talking does help.  We understand you like the "feed me..fuck me and shut the fuck up" treatment at times. But'll never get the "feeding" and "fucking" if you don't talk every blue moon.


It wasn't me...(Negro so you are trying to say I'm blind)

Just let me put the tip in...

I'm not THAT drunk

She's just a friend (You really want me to buy that hot, steaming load of crap)

I'm love you..but I'm not in love with you (Translation: Look..I still wanna fuck but I also still wanna date. You alright.....but probably about 20 lbs overweight and too darks-kinned to take out in public)

Oh..Someone else was using my FB/Twitter/MySpace account (*side eye*)

Oh the things you all say.....



  1. HA! - these are good. on point!!!!

  2. I hollered while I read this. This is the absolute truth!

  3. Numbers 2 and 5 are me, at times. I mean well every time though. Especially when I am sure of something or hold much experiences in that particular area. I usually come with the silent treatment when I understand the need to avoid arguments and saying or hearing things that she nor I really mean.

    Good read.

  4. Interesting post. Funny and honest. I like your blog and will definitely swing back by again.

    Feel free to check out my blog too. Thanks.


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