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Bedroom Blues...

As I sit here right now, watching the premiere of HBO's highly anticipated Boardwalk Empire,I am looking around my bedroom. I'm thinking to myself:

*sigh*.. What dude would wanna spend time up in here???

My decor is totally wack. I asked my cousin Kel if men cared if a woman's bedroom was "inviting" or not. He busted out laughing and said "Man..all we care about is if that em-eff is nasty as hayle or not". I mean truly, are men that simple? Do they just care if it's neat and tidy? Are women the only one's who are about aesthetics?

I have a simply full sized bed. A grown man can't sleep comfortably in here (and trust me..I've tried). I don't even have a TV big enough to enjoy my shows. I have no nightstand, dresser or mirror. It looks like I'm still living out of boxes and I've lived here fore almost 2 years. *sigh*'s sad. My closet is an absolute hangers that look good...boxes all over. A wreck. My joint need some serious

I took small steps. I decided to finally buy a clothes hamper. Before, my clothes were just on the floor (lol). I got a little plastic bin to organize my socks and undies.  I got a hanging shoe organizer for my flats and belts. And I finally put up my hats ( I have a thing for, newspaper boy ones). Like I said...small steps.

Anyway...I'm sure all are you are like "WTF does this have to do with anything?" I dunno..I'd like my room to be a place where men wanna stay (well..not move in..just spend the night) and cuddle sometimes. A place that's really sexy, warm and inviting. Have some candles...have some silk...some nice paintings..some deep, dark wood furniture. Something sexy but unisex...something with a nice little Ipod player on the dresser..a TV that's actually big enough to watch some flicks on......a bed that's comfy and sexy..fluffy and just wonderful..and a closet that's girly and organized.

I guess I'll hit these upcoming Columbus Day sales and find something that will fit my criteria. I've been so picky and preoccupied with other things that I'm just not concerned with anything else..... Most of all I'm doing this for me...but a little but of me would love to hear the words... "Damn baby...this is kinda on some sexy shit..."

I guess I need a gay BFF for all of that, huh? (lol)

Do men even care about stuff like that? Or is my cousin right...all you all care about is if it's neat and tidy or not?


  1. I'm with you on this one - I think bedroom feng shui is everything. When I lived on my own I was very proud of my place - it was soft and pink and feminine and filled with lace and pretty things... representative of me, I thought.

    Since D and I lived together I've been extremely unhappy with our bedroom. It's ugly and undecorated and over-crowded, especially in. The King Size bed we have is WAY too large for the room, so it dominates it.... we've gotta turn sideways to walk around the room in certain places. All my wall hangings are packed, same comforter all year round cuz my other ones are in storage.... it's just not a warm, inviting place. We really just use it to sleep now, because it's not a place you wanna be in your spare time (imo.) I really have to do better, cuz this isn't like me.

    So I agree with you - bedroom ambiance is everything and I think stepping it up a little bit at a time is a great idea. You don't have to break your budget to slowly add pretty little pieces here and there. For example, you can hit up Raymour & Flannigan during a sale and get a GORGEOUS, luxurious, marble-top nightstand for like $100. Or you can hit up the Craigs List free stuff area and find some beautiful pieces there.

    I think making your bedroom beautiful and more reflective of you will definitely make you feel good and I'm sure your dates will appreciate it too, even if on a subconscious level.

  2. I laughed at the beginning because agree with your friend who said the we strictly only care that the room is not nasty. But when I saw that you had a full size bed, that was a problem. hahaha. Having dated a woman with a full size bed I know how hard it is too get a good nights sleep while breathing someone elses air. I am a cuddler for all of 10 minutes. After that I need you to get off of me and then retire to my side of the bed. An upgrade to a Queen size is a must.

  3. I do think men are only concerned with neat & tidy and whether or not they can fit in the bed. So yes upgrade the bed and if you want to decorate then go for it but men aren't too it for you. I love my room once and I took the time to make it to my comfort level, I received the compliments. I had no intention of a man ever entering the room. It would surprise me when my ex would say that my room makes him so at ease and relaxed. But it was mostly cause I enjoyed it and enjoyed being in there even without "bedroom activities".


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