April 16, 2011

"We Ain't Goin' Steady"..(Oh really??)

*sigh*...ya know...this song pretty much epitomizes what the fuck is wrong with OUR (and I include myself) generation of people..

First off..he opens the song with...."I love pussy...but I don't love these women. I refuse to be in a committed relationship...because I don't like that shit"

*sigh*.  I guess he's honest.  *shrug*. Given that Rocko is a b-rated artist who had not one, but 2 kids by Monica without marrying her..(and praise GOD for her having good sense to move on and GET MARRIED to a man who'd take her and her kids...instead of calling some fake, weak ass chump her "husband".), it doesn't surprise me that he'd make a song like this. If I was a betting woman, I'd bet that this was "Monica-inspired". I'm sure he said "Girl..I know we got 2 kids, live together, and all dat sh*t...but we don't go together. We ain't committed.".. Da hayle???

Then this terd....(in the song)... He said he just wants a "fun girl", his "little buddy",  to "cool it with" and hopes she doesn't "catch feelings" because they aren't "going together"  (as in not a committed couple).

Ugh...how disgusting. I mean after a while someone, male or female, is going to "catch feelings". You can't keep doing grown folks things without having grown folks emotions. Secondly, how can you separate a woman's anatomy (the pussy) from who she is (a woman). His male privilege has allowed him to compartmentalize women into things, parts, and temporary possessions. That's the cruelest thing of all. Once again. black women are just the sum of the vagina and its ability to make a dude bust a nut.

"Is this modern dating?", I vehemently ask. Is this what we have to look forward to? What about our future generations of young people? I'd hate for my son or daughter to be hurt by someone who they gave their mind, body and soul to...only for them to say "Well..shit..we ain't together...". Wow..talk about a slap in the face.

Now true...rules need to be established. If you want to be a cut buddy, so be it. But don't just fall into the role of "cut buddy" in the hopes that it'll turn into a relationship. And really...do you want to be an on-call booty call? Trust me, that shit gets so old. Everyone has a desire to be committed and with a person..even the dog...even the whore of Babylon.

Black folks are remaining unmarried and unpartnered at an alarming rate. Many black women are single moms. Many black men are nothing more than breeders. Many people find no reason to partner with someone if they haven't seen the benefits of it. You have our generation, the Hip-Hop Generation X'ers, out here wilding out....what sort of example are we setting? A bad one if you ask me. I even felt bad getting divorced as a thought crossed my mind: "Gosh..I have little cousins..what kind of example am I setting for them when they see a person of their peer group throwing in the towel?". Luckily for them (and me), they don't see a person with a revolving door of partners. And that, apart from my short comings in my first marriage, makes me very happy.

Instead of making songs like this, why can't we have more songs glorifying love and commitment..instead of the casual romp and sexual tryst?

*sigh*...I guess we can't make a song about that...if we don't see it. I just hope more young people aren't falling for the traps that Rocko (and folks like him) are glorifying: the death of the interpersonal relationship and self-gratification.

There is a benefit and beauty in a marriage...in a committed relationship that can head to something...to actively dating and getting to know a person.

So "go steady"....and get your heart ready to receive something magical. Let's hope this movement of "rejecting relationships" ends soon....


  1. It's really pretty sad. But I do see a resurgence of songs dedicated to real love and commitment. Just too many of them don't get airplay. The best thing we can do is teach the young people we're responsible for to value and engage in committed relationships. We always gotta speak louder than these streets.

  2. "Instead of making songs like this, why can't we have more songs glorifying love and commitment..instead of the casual romp and sexual tryst?"

    I've been wondering the same thing lately. If its not this song its "Toot it and boot it". The best thing I can do is just not support it and turn the station when it does come on.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is the worst song I've heard in a long time. The lyrics are just shameful!!!!!

    Yes, so glad Monica kicked this loser to the curb. Im surprised she would even date him, let alone have him father two kids - as I'm sure he was telling her the same things as well.

    I agree- these types of music send our young, impressionable sisters and brothers the WRONG message. *smh* Not okay.

  4. @curvyecocentric- I couldnt even make it through the whole video. Gag. I know Monica looks at that video like, "Da Hayle was I thinking"??? She scored a BALLER, literally and looks so happy now! Hopefully the young people can look at Monica and other women like her who drop the Zero and marry a Hero! Rocka, Who???...dude is lame.

  5. I'd never before heard a song by Rocko, so it was interesting watching this video, especially since there is a strong possibility that it's aimed at Monica.


    Maybe it's not really how he feels bout relationships. Maybe it's just Rocko trying to sell some records to an audience that lives off this kind of music.

    Then again, I don't even believe such.



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