April 11, 2011

Poem: The Photograph

I can't sleep
I toss and turn
Lie awake in my bed
I reach for my phone
Looking through the photographs
I come across the one I took of you
The mischievous one
Where you did that thing with your hands..
Late night
Your hands
Which had earlier caressed the depths of me
And penetrated my layers until I was a soft, tender heat
Were now placed strategically near the top of your jeans
Exposing just a little of that well carved "v" in your hips..
Caramel Adonis glowing
I knew the moment I took it
What seemed like a silly photograph then...
I was gone
Smitten by your charms.
You at that moment possessed me
Beguiling and devilish 
With a grin
I smirked and thought 
"You sexy bastard.. You knew all along what you're doing..."
I lie here now
Staring at this photograph
Seduced at a snapshot
Taken as spontaneously as you had taken my depths
With a click
And a flash
Instant memory
Of beauty divine
That I have the pleasure of having
Until time or love or hearts say otherwise
But til then...
I cherish this photograph

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