April 18, 2011

Just a Little Update


  1. Love your vlogs.

    Yes, your lip gloss IS popping! I think its a good idea that you switched workouts. Losing 9 lbs is awesome (it REALLY is - way to go!) but not at the expense of your knees. You don't want to put too much wear and tear on them and have to end up getting them replaced when you're middle-aged. I know so many women who've had the knee replacement surgery and I understand it's a very difficult procedure.

    Ugh, I struggle for blog topics sometimes too. I hate when i get blogger's block, cuz then i feel so guilty for neglecting my blog. These days it takes a lot more to get me motivated to write than it used to.

  2. Good grief, you are so beautiful! And thanks a million for the update on 'Insanity' - I've been eyeing it but my knees have already gotten a little shaky fooling around with Billy Blanks and Jillian Michaels and I'm not trying to make them any worse!



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