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Wonder Woman, Super Woman and Me

Wonder Woman is no Superwoman (And neither am I)

As a kid, I had an unnatural obsession with Wonder Woman. I would watch the re-runs of the Linda Carter TV show. My mother bought me all kinds of Wonder Woman stuff (including a lunch box that probably is a collector’s item…but I think she tossed it). But my most prized possession…a pair of costume worthy Underoos. Remember Underoos????
 (I also had an R2D2/Star Wars one as well....LOL. I am/was a geek for sure....)

I loved those things. I would sleep in them. Wear them to school. Run around in them just in the summer time.. The turning point in my Wonder Woman obsession was when I was about 5 or 6, and on Halloween, on a bitterly cold October day, I wanted to wear my Underoos with my red cowboy boots my Pop-Pop gave me. I got dressed (complete with my mother’s gold bangles and a belt for the Lasso of Truth) ran around the house, opened the front door to go Trick-or-Treating and declared “I’m WONDER WOMAN!”. My mother froze in horror and said “Girl…if you don’t put on some damn clothes!! It is freezing outside! NO WAY!”  It was then I realized being Wonder Woman didn’t shield me from being human. I wasn’t superwoman but Wonder Woman was real to me.

Wonder Woman aka “Diana Prince” was an Amazon warrior, cloaked in Greek Mythology who didn’t have that many super powers but she was cunning, smart, a fighter and combated evil with the power of love and truth. She had a fly costume and an invisible plane. Not to mention, she was a super gorgeous brunette who could hang toe-to-toe with the Justice League in a pretty skimpy outfit (although in 2010.she got a makeover that included skin tight leggings). So bad was Wonder Woman, Gloria Steinem had her on the first cover of Ms. Magazine, the feminist magazine of the 1970s.

But…Wonder Woman wasn’t “superwoman”. She wasn’t totally invincible. She could only dodge bullets with her bracelets.  She had a limited range of items she could use. Furthermore, I just don’t recall Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman having a steady man. Maybe she didn’t need a guy. Maybe she couldn’t find a dude comfortable w/ a bad chick with an invisible plane and lassos and who stood over 6 feet tall.

It’s no wonder that I’ve been so drawn to Wonder Woman. She’s a flawed yet brilliant and gorgeous girl….a lot like me. She’s human…not overly super human. She’s a Goddess but not otherworldly.  Wonder Woman isn’t going to be “Super Woman”. She isn’t trying to break her back or bend her morals for anyone. She’s hard working and definitely not taking any shit from anyone.  She’s not trying to save the world…just save what matters to her. She doesn’t need brute force to get her point across, just brilliant tactical skills (although she will kick your ass if necessary). She’s beautiful but not fragile.

I’m def more Wonder Woman than “super woman” and not apologetic about it.  Fearless…just like Wonder Woman.

It’s never too old for me to pull out those Underoos and fight bullsh8t. Maybe that little 5-year-old girl was on to something….She had no fear. I need to go back to that....

They do make Underoos for adults ya know... :)

PS: For all my MAC cosmetics make-up addicts, MAC has a GORGEOUS new collection of Wonder Woman for MAC  Collection (in conjunction w/ DC Comics) Look at all the  GORGEOUS colors inspired by Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman!:


  1. I heart everything aout this blog post! I had the Underoos, too, and, well, you know about my recent MAC counter escapades. LOL. But your assessment of her is so on point. She was super, but still human. LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Great post, I feel u! I gave into temptation when I seen WW, this line is fab! Everything is enormous except the size of the shirts, it only goes to a size L. Booo!

  3. i am soooooo getting grown-up underroos. then, i'm going straight to MAC!!! danke schon, boo. LOL

  4. Great post. I love Wonder Woman, too. I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics, mostly Batman and X-Men, but once I discovered Wonder Woman, I was hooked. I like her for the same reason I like Batman,which was exactly your assessment -- they're human, they're flawed, but they're doing the best they can with what they've got. Aren't we all? BTW, I was at the MAC counter today, checking out the new line. Very cool. It's going to look good with my grown-up Underoos! I


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