February 11, 2011

Seduction: The V-day Haikus

You send me flowers
The petals fresh with dew
Open my flower

Your Lips Wrapped Around
A Strawberry So Sweetly
I am the whipped cream

I buy lingerie
To turn you on for tonight
It's on.....5 minutes

Here...you sit across
From me at the table...Here

Kem plays so softly
It is mostly background noise
To our sounds...wet waves.

No gift can compare
To the gift that is your love
Man...I'm so lucky

Your brown skin glistens.
Your tattoos....drenched with our sweat
Tongue traces their path.

My legs are perfect
Compliments to strong shoulders
Stilettos dig deep

Morning mimosas
Quench only the thirst we had
Desire still burns.

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