February 10, 2011

TheMochaPeach Is....: A Video Blog

**Editor's Notes: Now I am sure some of you are like.."But wait, Mocha..haven't you been married before??" Yeah So what? I didnt produce any kids from it.  I'm single again. I'm speaking like the SINGLE, childess person I am. Therefore, I want to create a whole family unite: mother, father and child. Husband, Wife and child. Parents and children. *shrug* Had I had some kids..this wouldn't be my conversation. I might even seek a partner WITH kids IF I had kids. This is my truth. I stand firm in it. Yeah I'm complicated...so.If you don't like it..bite me (LOL).

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  1. That's not selfish at all! I think a part of being a woman (and what separates us from "girls" in the dating world) is that we know what we want, and we're confident enough to know our value/worth and not settle. I went into my current relationship knowing exactly what I wanted, and because I felt strong in that conviction I got it. So nah, I don't think its selfish to not want the role of step-mom. It definitely would change the quality of your life, and you have every right to not wanna take on that particular role at this time!



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