December 15, 2011

Thursday Tunes: Simply Red....

I love the 80s. I especially love 80s music...where music was music and no one cared the color of the person singing the song. Enter Simply Red....the band headed by the red headed, blue eyed British soul brother.....of the 80s who had hit after hit... but my favorite is  "Holding Back the Years"

WHen I first heard this song,  I knew then it was something special. I was young. Yet almost 25 years later I realize that the song had much more importance than I knew. Often we hold on to memories...the years we spent with someone...only to realize it is futile. YOu have to let go....because nothing was really there at all.

 As Simply Red sings.. "I've wasted all my years....wasted all those tears....And nothing had the chance to be good...cause nothing ever could"

But I'll keep holding on..... 

(or in my case...holding out for the right one :) )


  1. Dang, i remember that song. Watching/listening to that video really took me back to childhood and the 80s.

    Okay, but why didnt i know it was a white guy who sang that? lol, smh

  2. Great song. One of the best versions, as well, if you ask me.

    I too used to feel like there was no point in holding onto memories, thinking apparently nothing was there in the first place. If so, it would have lasted.

    Nowadays, I don't feel as much. I cherish the moments of my life. Good, bad and ugly.



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