December 9, 2011

Feeling/Not Feeling: The Holiday Season

(Christmas in Atlantic Station: Atlanta, Georgia)
  • the smell of warm gingerbread, peppermint cocoa, and Christmas pine
  • all the good food people cook
  • cookie exchanges and tree-trimming parties
  • being around friends
  • Christmas Music....THIS IS the greatest rendition of Silent Night ever. Dont argue me down..I'll refuse to accept it:
  • Best Gospel Christmas Album: Kirk Franklin....hands down!
  • Mariah has a good Christmas Album too...I love her version of Oh Holy Night (and Im not a Mariah fan by no means..but I do own this album!)
  • I Like Celine Dion's album too. Her version of Ava Maria...pure genius!
  • But when I was kid...It was all about George Michael and WHAM! (LOL..that song is the cutest to me!)
  •  Dern..I just like Christmas many good albums out there.Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Motown in general....SO MANY! :)
  • When I hear Whitney Houston's "I Love the Lord" from The Preacher's Wife (which is also a Christmas/Gospel album)..I just burst out crying
  • cuddling next to a roaring fire....cause Baby It's Cold Outside (yes..I love Vanessa Williams/Bobby Caldwell's version the best!)
  • The New Year is vast approaching! Tabula Rasa!
  • Watching the tree.....lights flickering...soothing.
  • buying for my Goddaughter and mother.
  • My brother..who ALWAYS comes thru with the BOMB Christmas gift.
  • being the end of the semester..and actually being able to enjoy my time off
  • Watchnight service (Maybe I'm the only person who likes going but oh well....)

Not Feeling
  • having to COOK all the good food people are eating. It's but exhausting.
  • I dont know WHEN I'll ever go Ice Skating at Centennial Olympic Park or see the tree lighting again.
  • No one to cuddle with or exchange "THAT" special present with (LOL). 3 Christmases in a row...solo-dolo...
  • I was hoping there would be a mini-Me to do all this cheesy stuff with.
  • I dont remember the last time my Dad actually got me a Christmas present. *smh*
  • having Christmas surprises SPOILED by the UPS man delivering gifts UNWRAPPED. I mean..we aint doing outer boxes anymore? That's dangerous!
  • the smell of chitterlings. I swear..that is a Southern Negro Christmas/NYE staple. BLAH!
  • No plans on NYE...and I NEED plans on NYE....(long story there)
  • If I hear "What do the Lonely Do at Christmas?"  by The Emotions one more time...It's gonna be a bloody Christmas. That is slit-your-wrist music. *smh* Saddest Christmas song of ALL TIME! Jeesh! (LOL).
  • Tied w/ that is Mariah's "I miss you (Most at Christmas time). JEESH! *sniff*
  • Never knowing what to get my Dad. EVER. Sweaters it is!
  • not seeing my brother. He's always busy...*sigh* One day I'll have Christmas on the Beach in Florida...:)
  • The New Year approaches...much trepidation there *sigh*


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas music!!! I have a ton of cds too. I would like to add Destiny Childs Carol of the bells I love the arrangement (I love DC more than solo Bey)

    Try being single for 11 yrs and counting during the holidays *le sigh* #icant

    I love pecans and peppermints during this time of the yr and my toe socks

    I hate christmas shopping and I do NOT wrap n'air gift either sure don't (drives my sister crazy).

    You are going to let Mariah be GREAT that girl can SANG and has had a ton of hits over the yrs!!!!

    I love your feeling/not feeling post

  2. Man oh man, I could hear Christmas music all year round. You just listed three of my favorite songs, Donnie's This Christmas, Temptations Silent Night, and Boyz II Men's Let it Snow. They really take me back to nostalgic childhood moments. I like Mariah's Christmas album a lot too. I like her version of Holy Night and also All I Want for Xmas is you.

    I agree, the Emotions What do the Lonely Do is very depressing. Every time it comes up on my playlist rotation I just shake my head, because it's definitely not a happy song.

    Girl, sweaters is always a good gift. I got two for Derek.

    Having to cook an entire holiday meal is mad exhausting. I hope you have a lot of help. Whew!

  3. you totally left out frank sinatra's holiday album ;)
    and the Leon Redbone & Zooey Deschanel version of "baby it's cold outside"!
    LOVE xmas music <3
    in regard to all else, i definitely find i'm a rollercoaster of emotions/ reactions from year to year with the entire holiday season.

  4. I love this post, Tatianna.

    I will probably be listening to these classic Christmas songs here and there on Sunday.

    Have you heard Yolanda Adams version of Oh Holy Night - the bomb song.

    The Temptations Silent Night is a great, great song.

    I feel you on Chitterlings as well. I cannot stand the smell, let alone seeing someone actually eat and refer to them as food.

    I love friend, family, good times, giving and receiving gifts, hugs, and just enjoying the spirit.



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