December 31, 2011

Feeling/Not Feeling: The NYE Edition


  • NYE signals that  the BS from the past year is over
  • I've had a trying year...a GOOD but trying year...but I am ready to BOUNCE to 2012
  • Iv'e already kicked my fitness goals into high gear.
  • I gotta keep these resolutions Seriously...
  • Hearing "What are you doing NYE?" followed by "Baby It's Cold Outside" LOVE those songs
  • The Ball drop in Times Square....(or our little Peach Drop in ATL)
  • I'm still celibate. I've stayed strong
  • Maybe I'll get some in 2012 (LOL)
  • Watchnight Service
  • The movie New Year's Eve. I wanna see that....
  • Kissing at the stroke of midnight
  • 2012 signals almost being done w/ this Phd...Praise Jehovah
  • NYE fireworks
  • I feel that 2012 is about to be a BREAKTHROUGH year! I'm excited (for me and a friend I've been praying deeply for)


  • Paying crazy amounts of money for NYE parties. Normally..the joint would be $10 to 15 on a regular night. Now you wanna charge me $150 to sit in a raggedy pleather VIP section w/ some old ass bottle of Moet?? Negative
  • Hence..I wanna go out but NOT pay...but....
  • I don't have a date. BOO on thatt! *smh*
  • So It's gonna be me and Dick Clark and a bottle of Prosecco
  • Since Im working out....then I gotta keep that isht up.
  • I dont wanna break my resolutions...
  • That's gonna be hard 
  • Going into 2012...still single...and celibate
  • going to Watchnight service.....drunk (LOL) and or/ in your club clothes
  • I hate Auld Lange Syne. I hate that song. 
  • I'd rather be in Vegas...doing something married (LOL)
  • I feel that 2012 is about to be a BREAKTHROUGH year! I'm scared :( 


  1. Glad you've already kicked your NYE resolutions into gear. I've already broken mine. *munches on homemade chocolate chip cookies*

    lol @ folks going to service drunk and/or in their club clothes

    Yeah, i think its crazy how places overcharge on NYE. Its like, are u seriously asking me to pay that amount? No way!

  2. I have never had a boo on NYE *sighs* I have alot of catching up to do

    I usually go to church which I did this yr. I did manage to party a few yrs and make it to NY for NYEs a few times to stand in the cold in times square (dont ever have to do that again). I did the peach drop one yr with my cuz who is a NYE baby.

    I feel indifferent about 2011 but I feel like this was the most personal growth I have exp in the last few yrs God was def working on me and revealing things. I am looking forward to 2012 already working on my vision board I will finish it tomorrow.

    BE EMPOWERED and enjoy the journey of 2012



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