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Feeling/Not Feeling: Halloween


  • HALLOWEEN! It is prob my fav non-holiday to Thanksgiving
  • crazy costumes
  • families who participate. Like my girl Yakini over at . I'm sure she has something  in store! She's always so bomb with her creativity.
  • I'm dressing up for the first time in like 3 years AND going to a party. You'll have to wait and see what I'll be!
  • I always think about how I wanted to be Wonder Woman and ran out in the cold on Halloween  in my Underoos, red cowboy boots,  and my mama got so mad
  • Candy goes on sale the day after, KIT KATS FOR EVERYONE!
  • It's.....The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!
  • I'll have peace and quiet and no kids knocking cause kids in condos/apartments do not trick-or -treat. They go to the mall..which seems so lame to me.
  • Parties! With a spiked punch!!!. (I throw the best parties..although I'm not having one..just going to one)
  • Can I say Kit Kats again???
  • I'll be around friends this year. It should be a great time :)

Not Feeling:

  • people try and get all religious. Chill out. It's a holiday for  pure merriment and candy for the kid. Every culture has it.
  • the adult  Woman Costume I wanted (above) was sold out AND expensive
  • Therefore, I was torn between Nicki Minaj, Gaga, Amy Whinehouse, Janelle Monae...and picked neither of them. *shrug*
  • Why are all the costumes TOO sexy sometimes. Maybe I wanna be sexy but simple, ya know?
  • They don't make  CUTE costumes for curvy, busty gals.
  • Because of that..I had to piece my joint together and I pray I dont' look like a jackass
  • I got a slight cold. Not cool. Imma freeze my "paws" off (hint). LOL.
  •  Halloween is special because Halloween used to be "our" thing as a married couple. We had parties every year.
  • That I wont get to see my ex look like THIS again:(Gotcha b*tch. LMAO!! He was one hideous hooker in drag)

  • Or HIM this drunk....(LOL):

  • I really do miss the fun of the parties. They went down in infamy (LOL).  I'd love to have another. And it SUCKS that my current residence wants to charge like $300 to rent the room..*smh* Maybe when I move....
  • I miss my house...I miss passing out candy to the kids. Kids in condo/apartments do NOT trick or treat. They go to the mall w/ their scary asses! The first year I moved here..I got dressed up and no one showed up! I was so sad...(but I had plenty of candy!)
  • Candy Corn..that's just nasty torture
  • the family that gives out the cheap, dollar tree candy in the generic bag. Or peppermint (LOL) Or toothbrushes...or pamphlets...*smh*
  • The price of costumes ....JESUS! I didn't even get a FULL costume and it was high as hell!
  • I cant put my current locs into a cute wig. My mama tried to provide me a wig but it was hideous. LOL. So the effect I was going for with my costume will be sorta lost.
  • I won't be in a Thriller Flash Mob! *bummer*
  • That Black people do NOT like to dress up! Get the stick out of your ass! I hated having a party every year and someone goes "I don't do costumes". What?? It's a COSTUME party.
  • I can't carve a pumpkin to save my life...nor do I like the taste of it. *smh*
  • Halloween signals the end of the year basically.......not to mention (this year) my 3rd anniversary of my to the next one.
  • I was hoping I'd have kiddies to share in this day least one in some kind of Snuggie costume LOL. I always wanted to do a crazy family theme. Like Run DMC, or Kid and Play or something.
  • I will NEVER watch a scary movie. OR be alone on Halloween. EVER....(LOL)
  • It's cold. In a whole lot of ways.... *sigh*
  • On a Non-Halloween tip: Mariah do not throw SHADE to your husband on national TV? Get your mind right. He's young but he has fucking feelings, yo! He obviously loves her dirty drawers. She has been shitted on so much....*sigh* I feel her for the slight insecurity..but boo..not on national TV!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see your costume! We are all geared up over here and ready for Halloween in the new neighborhood. I'll be sure to post pictures of the girls in their frippery! LOL!

  2. I don't partake in anything Halloween related except eat candy but I am a choc junkie anyway so that isn't anything new lol I do laugh at the Halloween costumes we had our party today at work some ppl are very creative. I am lame and just eat candy #fail I can't wait to see pics of my niece and nephew on Monday as they head to the fall festival at church.

    I have never been a fan of scary movies :nono:

    I agree with you on MC she threw Nick under the bus a few times. I hope he handled that off air.

    I am NOT feeling the cold weather booooo!


  3. BTW You look GORG in the white costume and just like your cousin that I know

  4. Of course I enjoyed this Halloween edition! LOL

    I cant wait for that Halloween candy to go on sale. My favorite candy of the season is candy corn (lmaoo @ you calling it torture). Girl, yum! I could eat a whole package by myself.

    I love all your celebrity costume ideas!!! I cant wait to see what you end up going to your party as.

    Dang, i remember those parties. Folks looked forward to them from all over the country! lol

  5. Ha! Yes I agree, I'll never be alone on halloween either! Nicki Minaj seems to be super popular this year! And yes, totally agree with the non-halloween tip...Mariah SONNED Nick and it was just so wrong.

  6. When we first bought our house, I was SO amped to get trick or treaters! We decorated and had about 55lbs of candy. Annnnnnnnnnnnd, no one showed up. Disappointment. I'm the opposite of you, I ONLY watch scary movies this time of the year, by myself.

  7. Never been too much of a fan of Halloween, definitely not the horror movies and other wild ideas, but I dig the costumes, costume parties and children enjoying themselves during trick or treat.

    Humorous photographs, looks like they bring back good memories.

    Lady Gaga is the perfect model for Halloween costumes.


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