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Feeling/Not Feeling

·         Summertime
·         Maxi Dresses
·         No more summer school
·         School Refunds (even if they are small)
·         Getting back on the work out tip
·         NYX Narcissus Lipstick (super pink but super cute)
·         Prayer changes things
·         Cuddling
·         Gellato
·         BBQ.
·         Puerto Rico..(trying to get back there this winter)
·         Sitting on my patio w/ an adult drink, my music going, and chilling.
·         Making new friends
·         80s Tee-Shirts
·         Free events in the city….Imma make the most of the summer.
·         Sleeping in just a t-shirt…..his t-shirt.

Not Feeling
·         Ninjas coming out the woodworks and texting you 6 months later. Da fuck. Choke on a dick.
·         Dudes you used to “kick it with” hollering at your homegirl. VIOLATION!
·         My circumstances being used as an “excuse” not to date me. Fuck off. If you want’d make it work.
·         My money is on midget….SHORT!
·         It’s so fucking hot! I wanna shave my head for relief
·         I don’t wanna be over 35 with nothing but solo vacay pics and club pics on my FB profile. Sad..
·         I’m 32 and I really don’t have a BFF or someone who thinks of me as a BFF. Oh well.
·         I’m over ATL. I’m over its dating scene. I’m from*t has changed for the worse.
·         Crushes that just go nowhere fast.
·         Heartbreak that’s slow and painful. Let it be quick and fast.
·         Not being anyone’s “type” per se. Hookers, hoodrats, and hoes stay winning *smh*
·         How NY and Company bankrupts me every month w/ the deals. LOL
·         Gnats in the summer. Where DO they come from??
·         Another summer…single in the city.


  1. I love free events in the city in the summer.
    I still haven't worn my Pink Friday lipstick out yet - i will soon though!

    Dudes you used to kick it with hollering at your girl? Aw man. That's never okay. :(

  2. I plan on going to Atlantic Stations version of Screen on the Green this summer esp in Sept they have GREAT movies Dreamgirls/Steel Magnolias/Pretty Woman I can't wait #freeevents

    I have a BFF and a FF (forever friend)

    I am tired of being single winter/spring/summer/fall and I am over ATL and the dating scene as well BOOOOOOOOOOOO lol



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