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Strange Aphrodisiacs

Pronunciation: \ˌa-frə-ˈdē-zē-ˌak, -ˈdi-zē-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek aphrodisiakos sexual, gem with aphrodisiac properties, from aphrodisia heterosexual pleasures, from neuter plural of aphrodisios of Aphrodite, from Aphroditē
Date: 1719
1 : an agent (as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire2 : something that excites

I am a romantic. There, I said it. I admit it. If you have been reading this blog long enough I’m sure you got the hint that I love love…I love romance. I love sex, too. And I love the opposite sex. No offense to my lesbian sistas out there, but something is so damn fine about a man-and especially a black man- that I find totally irresistible. But aside from the physical part of men, little things about them turn me on

But this blog is just not limited to the café-au-lait and deep mahogany that makes me weak. This is just about what I find as an “aphrodisiac” to the opposite sex-tangible and intangible.

Hair- I love hair. I love facial hair. I love hair on a man’s head. Something about the way a scruffy beard feels against my face…my arms…my thighs (lol)…turns me on in the worst way.

Cologne- A good smelling man wins each and every time. And not some cheap stuff…the really good kind they had to go to a Department store to get! LOL. I also like the natural smell of a man….which brings me to

Earthy” smells- I like the smell of sweat and outdoors on a man. Whether he was out playing ball or cutting the grass, it just shows how a man is supposed to sweat and be hard working.

The “satisfied” look men have after they eat- OMG! This is a huge turn on for me. When I was married, I used to call it “the glow”..and I would wanna pounce on my ex-husband. I guess it gives me satisfaction to know that man enjoyed my cooking enough to wanna clean his plate. And if he cleans his plate…he might clean MY plate later if you know what I mean *wink*.

A man with an “adult” drink in his hand- I don’t mean a beer. I mean a high quality scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other (even if he’s just holding it for show). So sexy!

A Meal Of the following: Champagne, Strawberries dipped in chocolate and Lobster. Eating a combo of that meal turns me on! *mental note: Try and get some of that for NYE…even for myself

Games- I love to play the game of “let’s pretend like we are strangers and you are picking me up”. Role play is a turn on..couple that with costumes and outfits…speaking of which

Picking out my Lingerie and Shoes- Something about seeing a man..full of the middle of Fredericks of Hollywood…or watching me slip on a pair of Louboutin stilettos in Neiman Marcus with complete and total lustful thoughts of seeing them in the air. *shivers* I already have a serious shoe fetish so to have a man that shares just too hot!

An even colored penis-Well..that’s self explanatory. LMAO!

The smell and taste of “me” on his lips- Well..uhm..that one’s self explanatory too (if not..use your imagination!)

A man cooking in the kitchen-Nothing turns me on more than a man channeling his inner G. Garvin! WOO!

A man in an argyle/cashmere sweater, dress shirt, and tie…-Grrrr…drives me wild! LOL!

Hot Dogs- Something quite phallic about eating a sloppy chilli dog. LMAO! (weird I know)

And Finally…

A brain- a big, huge sexy brain full of vocabulary and Jeopardy trivia and intellect and creativity…is the best aphrodisiac of them all.


  1. Yeah.. you are right.. you are weird.. LOL.. but in all seriousness, there are quite a few things on here that i can relate too. Clean cut... smelling good, picking out my lingerie yeah.. that will get me RIGHT

  2. you got some good ones on here! especially the ones about argyle and a grown man drink/cigar!! loves it!


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