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A Grown-Up Christmas List

It's the time of year that I truly love...the holiday season! I love the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls...people finding that special "something" for the ones that they love. The shiny wrapping paper..the smell of gingerbread houses...and the sound of carols being sung... Being bundled up in the finest peacoat and scarf...and looking at Christmas trees in window displays...

Most of all..I get to write out my very own Christmas list. When I was a child, I asked for the best Barbie doll..or cool roller skates with lights....a new dollhouse...or even a new book to read (Ok..I was a little bookworm) and it would be a mile long. As I got older, I wanted all the coolest, hippest in electronics and gadgets , perfume and new handbags and accessories..and my list became smaller and smaller. I was specific and tailored my list to my needs. Gone where the days of running back to school to "compare notes" on what Santa got you this year...

I'm celebrating my first Christmas and holiday season as a divorcee' and my list isn't about the coolest, fastest gadgets...or money...or anything. My needs are much more simple.

All I want for Christmas is....

One sincere, thought-provoking conversation with a man..that doesn't involve my anatomy or his sexual prowess or anything superficial.

A first kiss that makes the giver step back and go "Hmm......nice" and gives me shivers.

The feeling of wanting to run into someone's arms as soon as you see and giddiness take over.

A smile...brought on by pure, unadulterated happiness.

A nice date. One where I get to dress up..put on full makeup..put my hair up..and wear stilettos

A pair of kind eyes to gaze I marvel at the Christmas Trees...

Someone to reach over and just hold my hand while we look at the Christmas lights in Centennial Park

One genuine, gut-busting laugh..where I throw my head back and just not care who's looking!

Making breakfast for someone who deserves it on Christmas morning while we open small presents to each other...nothing too flashy..or fancy.

A sweet compliment done for the sake of sincerity...not because a man wants something or sex...just likes me for me.

To fall down attempting to ice skate....and being helped up by loving, affectionate arms

A gentle brush my locs out my face while we lie in bed..sipping hot cocoa...

A calm voice to say a prayer we give thanks this Holiday season for all God has blessed us with.

Slow dancing on NYE in my living room after a champagne toast...and after an evening of dinner and conversation.'s that simple. That's all I want.:)

What's on your Grown-Up Christmas List.


  1. This list makes me wanna cry. I want to experience all of those. Please Santa. Ive been a good girl this year [kinda]..:O)

  2. I know how you feel. This is my first Christmas as a divorcee' and I want to start a new tradition for myself...what it is?? I guess I need to figure it out soon!! I love your list, and I am 100% positive that you will get everything your heart desires and more!!

  3. hmm, what's on my grown up christmas list? honestly, just seeing my kids' faces light up on christmas morning...snuggling up with my husband next to the tree...eating comfort food. maybe i'll get some mistletoe for the first time this year. christms is my favorite time of the year!!! there is so much happiness that radiates in the air!!

  4. I don't think that's too much to ask for at all. All those wishes were lovely.

    All I want is:

    -to be able to decorate and put up a tree. I haven't had a tree in about 2 years (for various reasons) and I'm really sad about that.

    -to listen to all my favorite R&B Christmas cd's and make Christmas treats and eat them in the company of people who love xmas as much as I do

    -to have a smooth and seamless move that doesn't cost us an arm and leg OR put us in further debt

  5. Ummm your list sounds familiar..did you peek at my Christmas list? Lol:)


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