September 27, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Daley ft. Marsha Ambrosius .."Alone Together"

Blue-eyed British soul is BACK and in full-effect. Carrying the torch of Simply Red and George Michael, Daley teams up with fellow Britt Marsha Ambrosius (of solo and "Floetry Fame")  for a silky, smooth soulful treat called "Alone Together". Hailed as the "future of throwback soul" (guess thats the new term for NEO-soul...LOL), much of who Daley is is a mistery. I don't care. Dude is the TRUTH!

Daley released this entire album as a FREE mixtape, bucking the traditional record industry machine (although I'd like to say mixed tapes are getting to be kinda prevalent and mainstream).... but I really love the album.

This is the lead single..and boy is it amazing.... get you some!



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