July 19, 2011

Poem: Your Eyes

I tell myself I will know
When I look into your eyes
They will tell me…
Nothing but truth
They will pierce my soul
And bore into me
They will be nothing but honest
They will be bright
And inviting
Asking me to dive deep into you
Swim in your soul
I expect them to be amber pools of light
Reflecting all that is good
Pure and innocent
Your eyes are kind
They tell me your story without words
They let me know what you want before you speak it.
In time they will speak what your heart wants to say
Sultry and softly
I tell myself I will know
When I look into your eyes
And they tell the story of our future
And I see our children in your eyes.
In the sparkle that is hope.
Your eyes…
I just hope you see me.
Notice me
As Boaz noticed Ruth…
I want to be a stranger no more
Your eyes will be music
A sweet symphony of passion
That sings the song of our hearts
Your heart.
Your eyes will know
And I will know
In your eyes.
I’m waiting…
I’m waiting..

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