July 10, 2011

"Love: Digital Style" Contestants #2: Yvonne and Eli

photo - ( from our first date)
  • What made you use an on-line dating service?
I just find it easier to meet ppl online (friends included) because I'm partially lazy and I think and type alot faster than I talk or walk in real life. Besides there's less pressure (to me) if you chit-chat for a bit before meeting face to face.
  • What made the site you used attractive to you? (Price, number of members, etc.)
Match.com - I found some discount coupons online that made it very reasonable.
  • Was this your first time using on-line dating or were you a "pro" at it?
Not my first time, but I wouldn't say I'm a pro.
  • What attracted you (or your mate) to your profile? Who contacted whom first?
His fine self (picture) and the fact that he looked very happy.
  • How long did you communicate before meeting in person?
Erm like a few days.
  • When and where was your first date?
A park overlooking the Hudson River. We didn't really spend money on food or booze for a traditional first date but we are both fascinated with nature and so the setting was perfectly romantic.
  • How did you know this would be more than just an "online" date and something more?
When he did what he said he would do and then asked me to be his lady.
  • Would you recommend on-line dating to others?
I would! But I understand it's not for everyone. Whatever medium you choose it only takes one person to make a connection.
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  1. Online dating isn't for me but they make a cute couple and seem happy. Glad it worked out for them!



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