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Desperate Times, Drastic Measures!

Hey Folks!

I know.. I have skipped a couple of weeks already! BUT in my defense, having a sick toddler will wear you out... and family really is important.

That being said... I've gone through a lot in the past couple of weeks. I've had a physical, which has made me reassess  my life. I have more appointments on the books than I care for just to make sure I am doing ok. I don't want to go into anything as to alarm folks, but I do want to keep on trucking and this is all part of being proactive. I'm still in the gym but not really seeing much progress. I am sure it has something to do with my eating. It isn't that I eat bad.. I just do not eat enough to burn off the fat . I have to meal plan better..

This is where Pinterest comes in....I have tons and tons of food options saved. I figure I can do weekly "sheet pan" meals for my meal planning.. and then shop for the week. I normally I am a "once a month" grocery shopper... but I think that's going to have to stop if I want to eat fresh and healthy. We are a family of three... I can do that at the bare minimum.

I"m still organizing my home which, will take me about 10-12 weeks to be honest. So I am hoping by January 2018 my house will be looking like I want it to I am finishing up my office then on to my kitchen pantry. Jesus.. the pantry makes me wanna scream. It is so small and packed tight full of things that I can't see what is what.... But it'll get done. Following the kitchen, I'll move from room to room....  That takes time, patience and most of all money..

Money.... *sigh* The bane of our existence...

Since we didn't hit the Powerball or Mega Millions, we have to work. And I am one of those folks who isn't comfortable talking money, not even with my own husband. He had to basically sit me down, air out all the bills, and get my life together. But this was good and there was no shaming or making each other feel too bad about the decisions we made. Together we have a plan in place to pay off a lot of unnecessary debt in a relatively short amount of time. and save. It's really stressful because I enjoy shopping. And gifts are my love language. But I really have to reel it on in.... and only shop and pay cash for most things. I even went so far as to freeze all my credit cards...(I learned that from Suze Orman).  I got some debt saving material for my planner. (I have a Happy Planner....) as well as some fitness stuff for that same planner.  This is the most difficult part for me. Again, I love to shop. I love to look and feel great. I love to share that love via gifts.  Nevertheless, I feel desperate to get on a good financial footing. Not only for myself, but for my daughter. Time is of the essence.

Being that I love to shop (but I want to save cash.), I decided this Xmas everyone that is close to me is getting hand made bath and body products. I'm a researcher and I got a Pinterest board full of ideas and an Amazon list full of supplies. I am really excited. My husband said if it turns out well I should sell it as a side hustle.. I am like eh.. everyone has bath products. But mine will be customized. I asked my friends and family to tell me their skin concerns. My husband asked for shave products because the ones for his Bevel are kinda pricey. So I am sure this will be another fun hobby for me. I even made cute labels on Vistaprint.

As for beauty stuff, If it isn't 100% black owned or 100% for the benefit of black people, I am not buying it. So much of my consumption of beauty products hasn't been black owned. Unless it's by a black person, for black people or a collab with black folks where they get paid, I am not buying it. So.. I am saving my cash for Pat McGrath... Rihanna... the Aaliyah and MAC collab..... stuff that I know is limited editions.

I am also pushing myself creatively. I am about to register for a conference for writers and am actively working on things. I am really nervous but I just want to see what happens and what I can learn. I'm downloading writing software. I bought a new computer.... and I have ideas I want to pitch. We shall see... I figured I might as well jump off the cliff if I want to soar.... either I will fly or crash. I won't know if I don't take the risk.

So I guess the theme this year  and next is is "save, organize, and plan ahead".  If it isn't for the home, baby or to further a goal, I can live without it. I am hoping in the end this allows me to reclaim a lost part of myself, the fun part before things came crashing down.

I know this wasn't a very "sexy" blog.. (we will come back to those). But this is to fill you in on where my head space is. And as this blog evolves... posts will evolve too. The sex is still there. It's coming... trust me..

So be patient... enjoy ....


  1. Greetings from Chester, UK. I enjoyed reading. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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