December 27, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: 2012 End-of-year Review


  • my 2012 was so full of bliss that I was unable to contain 
  • ...that despite some sad times... The good outweighed the bad
  • ... 2013 will be all about INCREASe! It's going to happen to me! Just you wait and see!
  • ...that hearts, souls and bodies will be healed. People will walk. The blind will see. Weight will be lifted. All will be the upcoming year.
  • I can't believe my studies will be over soon..Dr. M or Dr. M-R (lol) or Dr. R or whatever it will be is happening.
  • (Oh I hope you caught that last
  • like i need a new place in 2013...I need more room. maybe I'll rent a house. We shall see.
  • I need tattoos....I do...i really need one more for 2013. (I am such an addict)
  • ... That my heart is going to explode with every best! 2012 really gave me hope that happiness and willing it to you works.


  • ..... Like I accomplished much in my "to do" list. Still so much to do.
  • ... That 2012 broke my spirit. If anything it defined me. That is a GOOD thing
  • ...that I wasted my time w/ dating. In the end... Love was under my nose the entire time! Isn't that crazy how stuff works out???
  • ... That my mother is happy. This isn't how I know she wanted her year to end. But I'll do anything to make her happy...
  • like i traveled enough in 2012. I think that'll change in 2013.
  • that i need tons of money..or material things to be happy. I am going to definitely be on a diet of sorts financially. Lots to prepare for....lots.
  • this extra weight. A trainer IS on deck for 2013....I got a cruise booked w/ my Bookie for June 2013 and I need to be skinny as hell. (or at least fit).
  • ... Like all the good or bad was a waste. I am ready for 2013 to come...

1 comment:

  1. The highlight of this is that your studies are almost over!!! WOoohooo it will be so nice to be free of all that, won't it?!!
    I need me a trainer for 2013 too. But Im too lazy to commit to working out, so who am i kidding. lol. I know you can do it tho. Just like Janet Jackson, you are the queen of working out and bouncing back.



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