June 21, 2012

Product Review and Give-Away: The Screaming O Studio Collection

A beautiful, sexy box appeared on my doorstep....
It was full of all of these goodies from The Screaming O "Studio Collection" Product Line...

And here is my video review.....
(NOTE:  Please Watch the ENTIRE Video for the Give-Away Details)

GIVE AWAY ENDS Monday, June 25th at 12 NOON.
 Winner announced Wednesday June 27th at 8 am!!

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3)Finally...Enter in the comments section of this blog the answer to the following ..."What was your Best and Biggest Screaming O??" All entires will be judged ananomously and a winner will be picked via an impartial panel of judges.

**Bonus Entries**
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The winner will win a "grab cosmetics bag" of The Screaming O cosmetics inspired vibrators, lubricants, and toys.

Please mention that you've followed, "liked" in the comments area as well along with your answer to "What was your Best and Biggest Screaming O"?

Good Luck!!!

1 comment:

  1. My best and biggest "Screaming O" came on a night that brought many firsts for me. I went out to dinner with my friend, whom I'd had sex with before. Our discussion at dinner got a little heated and we wanted to do more. Both of our roommates (we were in college) were still in town, so we decided to get a hotel room (a 1st). When we get to the room, he (let's call him "G") decides that we should take a shower together (another 1st). The shower was great, just having someone else wash my body nice and slow, getting me all soapy and wet, was a huge turn on. My body was already stimulated from the shower, so the massage (another 1st) that followed was definitely a crowd pleaser! "G" laid me on the bed, oiled his hands up (with lotion, but it worked just as good as oil LOL), and rubbed every inch of my body. He knew the right places to add a little pressure, just to give me a sweet feeling and cause me to purr a little. "G" then began kissing me slowly, inch by inch, starting with my lips, all the way down to my hello kitty! I'd received oral sex before, but this time was different, maybe because of all the events that occurred leading up to it. When "G" began kissing, licking, and sucking on my hello kitty, heat waves began to move over my entire body. The way his tongue flickered on my clitoris was just a feeling that I couldn't describe. When he stuck his fingers inside me, while still licking me, my body went into overdrive and I couldn't control myself. I grabbed "G's" head and just released! My back was arched and my heels were digging into the bed, trying to release some of my sexual energy into anything that I could. "G" had his arms wrapped around my legs, so I couldn't move, forcing me to fully take in the orgasm and not try to run from it. Usually "G" stops after I climax, but that night he decided to keep going. I continued to have two more orgasms, just from oral stimulation (another 1st). At one point, "G" slipped his finger into my rectum while giving me oral. That was a new feeling to me, but one that I embraced because hell, it felt good and mad me come harder! I remember a tear falling down my cheek, something that had never happened to me during sex. My body was tired, sweaty, and weak after coming three times, but I felt a surge of renewed strength LOL! The night went on, but I won't continue the story. This night was very memorable for me. For the first time during sex, I didn't over think things, I wasn't self conscious, and someone else took care of ME. I just "let go" and my body took me to a whole new level, with "G's" help of course! No, my biggest "O" didn't come from penetration, but it was one (well three) that were well executed and planned out by "G" and that made for a GREAT night of sex!!!

    (I am a follower of your blog and a fan of your Facebook page.)



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