June 1, 2012

June Bliss Check-In: Change the Record


  1. Great vlog and Bliss check in

    I have been trying and trying to change the record as it relates to my career cause I am so over the dead end job (yes, I am grateful and thankful for it) that I currently have. I want to live on purpose and I don't feel like I am doing such at this time. I am going to continue to change the record until I like what I am hearing.

    Funny you mention negative thinking because that is something else I have been working on that as well the past few months. I made a comment the other day and my homeboy was like "why so negative" and I said "I didn't think what I said was negative" he said I know that's the problem *holds head down* So yeah I have work to do.

    Good luck with your fitness goals. I am down 40 lbs and counting. I skipped the gym today but I have kickboxing and Zumba tomorrow.

  2. I love that "change the record" advice!!! Don't get stuck in the same old groove if you don't like it. Yes!!!!



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