August 16, 2013

Feeling/Not Feeling: The Long Lost Blogger Files

(He sure does like coming home to my "rump roast"!! )


  • new job. more money. 
  • blessed.
  • loved. 
  • giddy: there is something about when someone you love just says something that carries you throughout the day. When you think you look like crap, and he goes "Have I told you how beautiful you are today?"
  • like I am dreaming. I swear...I wait for God to snap me out this happiness and dreams fulfilled...not so far *pinches self*....yeah...not dreaming :)
  • Our (now infamous) BitStrip wars. My fiance' and I have no sense. LOL. (above is just one of my favs. A friend gave us an idea to use them as Table Numbers or as a flip book for the wedding. Maybe...not a bad idea though)
  • new friends.
  • It's FOOTBALL pre-season! YEEK!
  • a new home. a new place to call "our own"............
  • the tears in my mother's eyes as she took my face in her little hands  in the Bridal Salon and said " this your dress??"
  • sleeping in and doing nothing
  • when he pulls back the sheets..and pats the "Come to bed, baby...". <3 <3
  • the smell of his aftershave
  • when we dance for no reason......sometimes without music
  • reading new books....
  • Robin Thicke....and THIS song......
  • and this one too..........
  • I need that new John Legend to drop
  • like I got a second chance at life. It's as if the years 2002-2008 got erased..and I got a do-over. How was that even possible?
  • I wanna say blessed and blissful..again....


  • like this blog has meaning and purpose. Where do I want to go with this? I'll take some suggetions
  • I mean what do I have to say? I dont wanna turn this into a wedding blog. or married life blog..or whatever. How am I relevant to the blogosphere? *ponders*
  • like i will really be able to enjoy my "newlywed" life...because of everything that is going on
  • having to postpone my exams. It is what it how beautiful...gets in the way
  • like I'll lose that 20 lbs before the big day....I just wanna look tight.
  • like having a's for my husband-to-be. and I love that joker :)
  • the rain in ATL. Feels like I live in Seattle. This has been a really strange Summer weather wise.
  • like I wanna be a student anymore. but I have to press on
  • spies. apparently someone reads my blog..and likes to report back. *tsk*.
  • gotta get use to random beard hair in the sink. BLEH *LOL*
  • meeting new in-laws. I get so nervous which sometimes prob comes across as stand-offish. It isnt my intention
  • like I've missed out on so much by not much I could comment about. *shrug*
  • the obsession over Beyonce cutting her wig. Cmon..get a life. Yet when her sister Solange cut her hair and went was "she looks like a boy". Folks can eat a d*ck.
  • like I am connected w/ my blogger homies anymore. Where you guys? I know...
  • like doing another YT video ever again. *shrug* 
  • my hair. i wanna chop it off. But...there is this guy..........and he is so into it.......smh
  • trying to get mailing addresses for people
  • trying to narrow down a damn guest list. ugh. I need to hire a planner. Like for real.
  • wedding expenses
  • nosey coworkers who expect an invitation *smh* How do you handle that?
  • I miss my friends. I miss the ones I was close with...yet we seemed to drift apart.
  • like I have any idea what outfits look good on me. It's a sad day when I feel i can dress my fiance' better than I can dress myself.
  • enthusiastic about having to physically pack boxes if/when that time comes. I hate moving. I hate house hunting. I just hate it all. It's tedious.
  • like I have a spiritual base. I need to find a new church/worship place. *sigh*
  • like I have it all together. SO MUCH TO HANDLE!! *arrghh*.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you continue to write about your experiences because you never know who it is ministering to. I am thinking of blogging and would appreciate your input when I do. -lcnsoul

  2. Hey. I received an email notification on someone's comment to a 2011 post. So I said I wondered if Tat still blogged? Lo ' and behold I clicked onto the blog and peeped this post and saw the word fiancé. Aw man that's great news! You know I wish you the best and everything your heart desires! God bless!



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