January 31, 2012

Rough Draft Wife

Over the weekend, a friend (a very fine, a very smart, and a very sexy....well..you get the point...an XY friend)...asked me the following question:

"What makes you a good wife?"

He wasn't talking about the GENERAL "you"...he meant ME...as in specifically Mocha.

I sat there dumbfounded and stunned for about 20 minutes, not knowing how to answer him.

You see...after my divorce, I've done nothing but concentrate on my failures as a wife. It is hard to see the forests for the trees. When it all seems bleak, you rarely see the good. I feel I was, in essence, a rough draft wife. A good starter wife for a first marriage. But I didn't get a chance to be proofread or fine tuned....turned into a manuscript worthy of publication.

If you had to ask my ex, the WASband, what made me a good wife, his answer would be bleak:

"You ran and managed an organized house. Cooking was a bonus"

In other words, I was a glorified maid....the help. (Or worse...maybe an unpaid maid at that.) There would be no mention of me balancing it all solo for a while. Or that whatever his dream was, as long as he had one, for himself and our family, I would have been down for that. "Just pick one!" is what I would scream. I know I said marriage causes amnesia but perhaps divorce does too. We forget the good and remember the bad.

I, on the other hand, remember the good as well as the bad. He was funny and a great son-in-law. He loved children and education. He wasn't handy but he tried. There was more laughter than tears, trust me.

But back to me...

To answer my friend's questions, I had to look deeper. I prefaced my answer by saying I wasn't sure how good a wife I was given I had failed. He quickly retorted "just because you failed at marriage doesn't make you a bad wife or that you don't have great qualities. That marriage wasn't meant to last. It failed for a reason: to prepare you for something better. "

He had a point.

I took a deep sigh and responded. I said that although I was a great cook and knew how to keep a home,  I was also fun, spontaneous and kind. I put God at the center of my life and despite having meager finances, I could be thrifty and provide. I kept myself looking good and something to be proud to have on his arm.  And although he may have not done the same for me, I respected my husband enough to come in at a decent time if was out. I left work problems at work and let family time be ours.. I'm culturally sound and family oriented. I agreed with him that my first marriage taught me a lot about myself : you can't live off love and you must have a plan and desire for your family. I learned that I'm a Proverbs 31 woman through and through but I'm a work in progress. I'm a rough draft.

I said all this and my friend, feeling his smile through he phone said :

"Those are the kinds of things I like to hear from a woman I am falling for"

So perhaps I won't be a rough draft for the rest of my life. Or be stuck in some editor's slush pile of love.

New writers
Create new chapters
The tale unfolds...
Ink and proofs and more ink
Until you've created a masterpiece .
The great American love story .

Yes...I'm ok with being a rough draft. I'm just a novel in the making. :)

January 30, 2012

Declaration : a poem

I want you.
I delare it
I say it emphatically.
I will have you.
You make in me a boldness
That I've never seen before.
I want to do sinful things with you
Yet cry "Oh God" in the midst
I want your lips to only speak my name

I need you
To whisper spells in my ear
To kiss my bare shoulders
To tell me I'm beautiful
To paralyze my soul with your stares
I need you
So I can feel the heat of your hands
as they wrap around my waist
Devouring me.

I desire you
I desire you in the worst way
I desire you breathe your air
I desire your lips
That they live below my waist
for hours and hours
and tell me secrets
That can only be breathed into me
Lulling me to sleep
In a seductive lullaby

I want you...need you...got to have you..
To excite you everyday of my life
of Our lives
I want you more than air, food or water
I want you
Need you
Desire you...
..For my survival

I've staked my claim
I want you
I need you.
I desire you
And I will
I will
Have you.

January 27, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling

This song still....

* that D'angelo might make a comeback
* The feeling I get when bills are paid
*Nicknames that don't sound generic or stupid
*that prayer does change things
*Shoes...Oh how I love thee. Esp my new Sam Edelman shoes...(blog coming soon...)
*bronzer...(that and brow stuff are my go-to items)
*full lips (I wish I had fuller lips)
* I am in a weird musical space. And I keep playing "soundtracks": Love Jones, Brown Sugar, the Best Man, Boomerang....these were all good soundtracks.
*The Voice is way more superior than all other shows
*Nick Cannon....say what you want but he seems like a nice, sweet man. I wish I had love like that.
*hatchback, fuel efficient cars.
*Floppy, fuzzy hats. The kind I can put all my locs under and look like a rasta
*hearing "have I told you how beautiful you are?" or..."your face is just perfection* *Le' SWOON*
*old fashioned Wall Calendars. This year in my office i have "beaches" theme....and then in my house I Have Marilyn Monroe...
*Speaking of which...I feel like I have this kindred, odd connection to Marilyn. I mean...I'm curvy like her I guess...
*less than a month until I see the beaches of Playa del Carmen
*steak. I shouldnt eat so much red meat...but I like steak. *shrug*
*turning 33.....I am gonna be so blessed to see another year.

Not Feeling:

*Lauryn Hill may never recover....*smh*
*D'angelo may never go back to the "how does it feel" Body. That's sad....*sigh*
*psuedo relationships. I mean yo..what IS this??
*Missing important phone calls.
* the "lull" that is within R&B and Soul Music. We need more music...more artist...more love and less "sex"
* I blame R. Kelly...(LOL)
* Putting myself on a "no new clothes/shoes for 2012" diet. I dunno HOW that's gonna work with the Shoe blog.
*spray tans...
*Guys claiming they like you "au naturale".Well guess what...it took me an hr to look this "natural". LMAO!
*Valentine's Day..(but more on that in a later feeling/not feeling post)
*Distance doesnt make the heart grow fonder AT ALL
*Black women dissapearing and no one seems to care
*American Idol officially bores me now...it needs to be cancelled.
*I could give a damn about Seal and Heidi Klum. He used to date Tyra..then marries her homegirl Heidi. He's foul anyway....
* Girlfriends sitcom box set costs 2 times more than the Sex and the City Box Set (which I have)
*SUV's. I've never liked them. They scare me.
* People in the 80s actually put on a Freddie Jackson album to make love. His voice is distracting
* People saying I look like Ledisi. Look here..just because we both have locs, round brown faces, and the same birthday....we do not look alike. I've been told i look like Janet Jackson, Lalah Hathaway..but every girl w/ locs is not Ledisi.
* being the person who calls or always contacts first. Men are so lazy these days. LOL.
* time is not on my side w/ school, working out, or even cooking my meals. This blows
*that I am not feeling good that I dont have a maid. (LOL)
*I didn't win the 77 million Mega Millions..but some girl did..with her BOYFRIEND. He bought the ticket. Oh..that's gonna be a fiasco. Girl he aint never marrying you. LMAO!
*I can never find a GOOD veggie burger when I go out. Never...*sigh*
*I'm scared as hell to vacay alone. But...I gotta do it. *shrug*
*Nervous at my academic goals
* I miss kissing. long, deep kisses...
*turning 33.....I am so not looking forward to that.
* I feel less than adult in a lot of ways.

January 24, 2012

Mid-Week Tunes: Etta James - A Sunday Kind Of Love (Original Stereo Remastered)

With the recent passing of Jazz/Blues/R&B great, Etta James, I thought it only appropriate to post one of my fav songs by her. She died Jan 20, 2012, just 5 days shy of her 74th birthday.

Born Jamesetta Hawkins in 1925 and reported to be the illegitimate daughter of pool shark Minnesota Fats, Etta James was the premiere vocalist at Chess Records (as seen in the movie Cadillac Records, portrayed by a pretty turrible Beyonce...I would have cared for a PERFECT Faith Evans to play her...but anywho). She started her career in the 50s, and lasted until her death. She had a pretty terrible and rocky childhood, bouncing from caregiver to caregiver. She used her "femininity" to get what she want. Needless to say, Etta was a FOX back in the day.

Her most famous song, of course, is her rendition of "At Last", played at almost every wedding, and the moody, soulful and mournful, "I'd Rather go Blind". But my fav Etta Jams song is def "A Sunday Kind of Love". It'd hopepul, happy, and dare I say "blissful". She wants a love that last beyond a fling...something that is permanent and steady. Don't we all want that??

According to Wiki: Very few people would associate this song with jazz great Louis Prima, but he wrote it in 1946 along with Barbara Belle, Anita Leonard, and Stan Rhodes. "A Sunday Kind Of Love" was first popularly recorded in '46 by Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra with Fran Warren doing the vocal, and it has since been recorded by many including this version by Etta James in 1961 masterfully produced by Leonard and Phill Chess.

Etta was all of that and then some. Please pay homage to this great Godmother of R&B and get you some The Best of Etta James.

Maybe you'll have a little "Sunday kinda love"

January 23, 2012

"It'll Make You Go Crazy"

Remember back in the day (or perhaps you are too young for this) when they used to tease boys (and some girls), that masturbation would make you go blind, crippled and crazy? That touching yourself would lead to stupidity and overall frigidity? Masturbation was gonna lead to you going to hell and subsequently jacking off in a hell-pit of fire....

Well...Alfred Kinsey, famed biologist and sexual researcher, felt the opposite. So much so...that Masturbation as great....and well...necessary.

But that's not the point of this blog.....

As I was in my Sexuality and Society Class (part of my feminist theory requirement), we watched a PBS documentary on Alfred Kinsey. It was quite informative and we learned how groundbreaking (and controversial) he was. But one phrase  Kinsey said stuck in my head....

"There are only three kinds of sexual abnormalities: abstinence, celibacy and delayed marriage".

Instantly, I felt conflicted and convicted.

I will be quite honest with you all. Celibacy, while self-imposed, has grown old. I committed myself to a year and that year is almost over with. I decided that while doing this, I'd get a better understanding of myself spiritually and mentally without the distractions of sex. I could learn to date more effectively (although honestly, I didn't go on many dates during this time) and that I could learn my errors.

Well...I'm over it.com (LOL).  I'm just tired of not smelling some pheromones that are meant for me. I do feel, as Kinsey stated, a bit sexually abnormal. We are all sexual creatures. We have needs, wants, and desires. The fact that I am human AND a hot, blooded Aries isn't any help. 

In other words....I'm horny.


Yet I feel like a hypocrite for admitting that to you all. Isn't that crazy?  Like there is so much guilt in my heart for feeling this way, like I am betraying God, myself, and even my readers who were so supportive of this.

But I also realize I am a 33 year old, nubile, attractive black women who probably should have had her back blown out MONTHS ago....


It is what it is. I didn't want some random fling that meant nothing. Quite simply....I want love. I can wait a little longer.....right? I'm not abnormal....or am I?

I wouldn't call it a sexual abnormality, as Kinsey would, to be celibate. But I would say it is a self-imposed sexual prison, cutting off something that naturally is a feeling that rages through your body as naturally as your breath.  Jeesh..I run a daggone sex and relationship blog for goodness sakes! Now I feel like I'm doing my readers a huge disservice. I mean...I've been good about my pledge to myself...


Hypothetically speaking....what if I DO end it??? What happens next after I get some peen? Do I just go back to being celibate? What happens.....

 My libido is a sleeping giant that is itching to wake up....

..someone just has to make me want to unlock the key.

January 20, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling:


  • I have an alcoholic drink named after me! (No lie...). I'll have to post the recipe if the person allows me to ( they probably wont...LOL)
  • Subtweets that aren't vicious..
  • "Skype" dates.....
  • bills paid off
  • God is still in the blessing business
  • accidentally falling into "happiness"
  • Cancun and counting...
  • Kissing in the rain.
  • running and jumping into someone's arms
  • how GREAT the questions are you ask me.
  • Basquiat...
  • Beyond Scared Straight is hilarious
  • edgy shoes with dope hardware
  • the dentist. yeah...i am obsessed with my teeth
  • private jokes
  • talking quietly and saying everything
  • slouchy boots (and I used to hate them)
  • football season
  • black rimmed glasses
  • red lingerie
  • making a conscious decision after my divorce to NEVER post about my relationships on FB (it's easier to be slick on Twitter)
  • accidental happiness (Yeah..I said it twice!)
  • romantic reggae songs...
  • I think I need to visit Jamaica
  • #BLISSISYOURBIRTHRIGHT is gonna be a Movement!

Not Feeling
  • passive aggressiveness pussy bitchassness. We left that alone in the 5th grade, yo!
  • broken promises
  • shoes that look great...and when you get them..are mad uncomfortable.
  • people who hurt children or the elderly....
  • Anyone who finds Lisa Lampinelli funny
  • how lame the Twitter trending topics have been
  • my self-imposed "shoe" diet. Oh well...
  • how bad I am about replying to posts...
  • why isn't birth control of ALL types free?
  • I keep getting acid reflux at night
  • football season is over. WTF! *sigh*
  • Being far away from someone you care about
  • talking loudly and saying NOTHING.
  • I cant find a messenger bag that doesnt' make me look like a Lilith Fair participant.
  • One Size Fits All doesn't mean big girls can wear it.
  • Im not athletic worth a damn!
  • intimidation tactics
  • homophobic reggae songs
  • speaking of which...I dont like the religious station my co-worker plays at work. It's super conservative and just crazy!
  • assumptions about your character. Bitch you don't know me
  • egomaniacal family members. Jesus...*smh*
  • when Skype drops your call for no damn reason
  • accidental happiness.....cause I'm scared :)

January 17, 2012

Ask the Mocha Peach is Back!

Have questions about your relationship???

Need some advice for V-day??

Then Ask me questions at http://www.formspring.me/TheMochaPeach

We will do a video blog based on your questions.

All questions should sent by. Friday, Jan 20th!

Poem: The Word

I just want to be able to say it.

I sometimes practice saying it in the mirror.

I say it to my face..my hips..my body...my hair...my crooked smile...and my dainty mole...

I say it to my mother..my father..my brother...but it's just not the same.

I say it to my writing...because in it there is "it"..."it" lives.

I say it to God. Because God knows how much I want to say it again.

Because God is "IT"...the ultimate manifestation of it

God is preparing for me to stay "it" again..

and again.

and again.


I want to say it.

I say it to myself, softly. To remind myself that I am "it" and I deserve "it".

Oh...I just want to be able to say it.

I want to be able to say "it"

...and say it again

..and again, Boy, do I want to say "it".

I fall asleep, head on pillow...and look at the empty one next to me

and I say "it"

Over and over again...I say "it".

I just wanna be able to say "it"

And mean "it".

I want to say "it"

Sing "it"

Live "it"

And roll around and bathe in the fragrance of "it".

I wanna look at you...and feel "it".

I mean, really feel it

And say it

With all the power that is in me...

Say it...

And mean it

And as it comes from my lips

It adheres to your heart

My words

Those words

The word


January 16, 2012

His "Girl", His "Shame", and Your "Problem"

I hate a cowardly man.

There is nothing worse than a man with no backbone and no confidence in himself. When that same shame and cowardliness filters into his relationships, all bets are off that you are going to be treated with love and respect.

This blog is inspired by a jerk. He's a pretty insecure dude having some sorta mid-life crisis.. In the midst of that he's been through girlfriend after girlfriend, He finally met a girl who'd put up with him. She wasn't his type he was used to dating. Most times he dated girls like Gabby Union...and this girl was more Jill Scott.  Nevertheless... he started seeing this girl.

Now here is where the insecurity comes in: He'd take the "Gabby Union" type girls to all company parties...to be around his friends. He showed them off.  But the Jilly-O type girl  he'd never take anywhere or take her to select places.. He won't take her out in public too often..It reminds me of that episode of that wretched show The Game that I saw (I do not watch that show), where the football player was dating the big girl sports reporter and loved her madly...but was ashamed to take her out in public because of his "image".

His insecurity about himself has filtered over into the new woman he's dating. He may truly be attracted to her, but because he's worried about what others will say, because the girl doesn't have a "model physique".

But enough about him.....what does this say about the girl who would allow herself to be treated like a red-headed Step child???  Where is her self-esteem? Is she just as insecure as the guy?? Does she not care and just wants a little attention?

In relationships, I am an advocate of a few things a) treat people how you want to be treated and b) the writing is always on the wall.  IF a person is insecure about themselves....more than likely they are going to treat you with insecurity. If a person won't take you around his close circle of friends or only to select things, they are ashamed of you. PERIOD. Who wants to be the "big girl in the closet" that only comes out on occasion? I wouldn't.

There are times where we  make compromises (usually for the better)...and then there are other times where we sell ourselves short.  I never want my sister-friends to feel like they are ashamed to be with a guy...or that their guy is ashamed to be with them outside of the bedroom/certain settings...etc. I've been there...done that...and got the T-shirt.

As my mantra for 2012 is : Bliss is your Birthright....NEVER compromise your bliss for a dude who sees you as a convenient lay/meal-maker/occasional date.

Then you'll really be "trapped in the closet".

January 12, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Rahsaan Patterson "Where you Are"

I could have easily put about ALL of the videos and songs in the Rahsaan Patterson discography. I absolutely adore Rahsaan Patterson. Named after the famous jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk,  former Kids Incorporated alumni (along w/ Fergie),  was one of the early forefathers of the introduction of the Neo-Soul movement here in America. His high octave range is just classically beautiful. There are so many songs I love by him. "Spend the Night", "Stop By", "Tears Ago", "Feels Good" "Stop Breaking my Hear"....I can go on and on. Rahsaan may not sell out the house like Maxwell...but he indeed has a loyal following.

But this song is indicative of the beauty of his voice. And not to mention, the lyrics are just so moving.
It is about a long distance love and the yearning of a guy for his girl (or guy....who knows....cause Rahsaan is openly gay*shrug*).  I don't care. I just love his music.

My fav lyrics from the song are the chorus:

I got to get to where you are
'Cause I get can't stand to being a part from you
Just to think of you smile
Soothes my soul for a while, girl, it's true
I got to get to where you are
I'll take a bus, plane, train or car
All I know is that I must find a way to get to where you are

Get up on some Rahsaan Patterson on Itunes or Amazon. His Discography is so so worth it!

January 10, 2012

Love is a Slow Burning Flame

I was talking to a friend of mine who has hesitation about a man, who, I am pretty sure, is in love with her dirty drawers (lol). She's afraid. She's hesitant. All because he doesn't fit the "mold" of attraction that she is used to. It's taking time for her to warm to him. He's romantic, kind, an old-fashioned gentleman.Your mother would love him. Your father would shake his hand warmly and firmly... But still. She won't dive in head first..and give her all to him. Simply...she's just scared. She likes him. She'd never hurt him...she's open but apprehensive.

I told her my advise as friend to her...things that my mother has said to me in one form or another...

"Girl....Love is a slow burning flame...not a raging fire. Sometimes it takes time for passion and love to build. If you go in hot and heavy..often it will burn out. "

I am reminded of a scene I saw in a movie called HappyThankYouMorePlease staring Malin Ackerman...which resonated with me deeply.... Take a look

By the end of that scene, I was a snot filled, crying mess of a movie-watcher, sitting on my couch, in my fuzzy toe socks, holding my pillow. That one scene summed up how much fear that most of us women (and some men too) have when it comes to letting go and just embracing what is GOOD for us, regardless of the package they were in. Bliss is your birthright!! (more on that later....)

 How many times in life have we dismissed someone because they were so out of the box, so much of what we ASKED FOR, we reject them? We run away from our destiny.  Only to end up back alone...back to where we started...with no one.

Love and passion take time. I'm not saying be with someone who bores you..who just isn't for you. But to ignore a person's genuine interest and adoration for you just because they don't fit the typical bill of what you are used to is ridiculous. Don't "block your blessing" as the old church mothers say!

Why don't you try what Annie did....

Sit back..
Close your eyes
Listen to the message they are sending you
Process it

So my advice in 2012 to all of you, who may be on the fence about love with someone who isn't your "typical::
SO DON'T FIGHT IT! . This is the year of breakthroughs. Shouldn't love be included in that too? So...

Go and "Get yourself Loved"

I know I am (and will) :)

January 9, 2012

Thug Love: An Oxymoron

I've never been one to date or be attracted to thugs.

You know what...I take that back.

I kissed a dude in high school whose nickname was "Trigger". I thought he was hot as he sported a bandana across his braids a la O-dog from Menace II Society.  But truth be told...he was a poser. He was smart. He wrote poetry. He cared for a mentally disabled sibling. And my HS boyfriend sold bootleg clothes like Jody from Baby Boy and tried to smoke weed and had a gun in his dashboard, but truth of the matter is, he had deeper hurt and was struggling financially. But I wouldn't call them "thugs". Just misguided teenagers trying to find their way.

And I never had or went on a streak of dating "bad boys" either. I'd seen what being attracted to the rough and tumble type had done to women in my family, my mother included: heartache, pain, and overall disrespect.

Thugs are just nice to look at: tattoos, cockiness, hustling and grinding, and the overall well..."just don't give a damn about nothing"-ness makes them so appealing. But the buck stops there. So when I hear women say they want a man who can give her that "thug loving", I find it completely asinine and a little insane.

Thugs can't possibly love.....because they don't love NOR respect themselves enough to think outside of the "thug" box. You cant be a 60 year old hustler. That has to die someday or YOU will die. Thugs find it difficult to commit (i.e. ol Jim Jonez himself). Thugs never stay in one place long, so what makes you think that he'll be around. Thugs come in and out of your life when it is convenient for them.

As for the actual loving, you might like it rough, smacked around and be dominated, but the problem arises when all of that leaves the world of "sexual role play" to actual physical domination in the "real world". Thugs like control. So just when you think the loving was going hard....he's gonna go just as hard with you. A punch there. A slap here. A yell and calling you a "bitch" all recklessly.  Who wants that? And it's exhausting. You fight...then you fuck...then you fight...then you make up and fuck., just like out of that scene in Baby Boy w/ Yvette and Jody.

"I hate you"
"I hate your ass too..."

*5 seconds later*


Furthermore, for my misguided, wanna be educated sistas, there is no such thing as a "corporate thug": some dude who is hood and street one minute, and business-like the next. Thugs don't have MBA degrees. Thugs aren't running Fortune 500 companies (then again....they are....but not like that). Anyone who is trying to be hard but being corporate...is just frontin'. There is a HUGE difference between having some "street smarts" and being a thug.  Real thugs are in the trap. Real thugs got felonies and can only work construction or "their own bidness". Real thugs aint bout that REAL, mature life, son!

Thug love is a disrespectful type of love that I cant get with. They are disrespcting you and above all else, disrespecting themselves. I think the appeal of the "thug" is that it is a highly sexualized, hyperbolic misrepresentation of what black masculinity and bravado are really about. Somehow, we have constructed a black male gender identity where sex has to be better with a man who is living a highly dangerous, reckless life.  I'll pass on those kind of orgasms. Besides, every thug I know isn't about "making love". Face down, ass up cant be your love-making mantra all the time... It's impersonal. It's indifferent.

I will take  being respected, cared for, and with a man who is respectful of himself and goals over mind-blowing orgasms any day.

If you like thug lovin....to each his own.

January 6, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling


  • Good Lovin'
  • Flexing your intellectual muscle and a vocabulary is sexy
  • Calm, not too over the top proposals
  • accents
  • sleeping naked after sex
  • Working out
  • Charles Barkley as a commentator. He is HIL-A-RI-OUS!! OMG! *wipes tears*
  • old fashioned epistolary relationships....cards, letters, poems, calls....
  • Beards (but we established this already)
  • Dimples...oh yeah....
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume
  • Adele's CD never gets old...
  • Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" is a GREAT song to get me thru that last mile
  • Listening to Boney James "Ride" album, in the complete dark, with a glass of wine
  • I have SUCH weird musical tastes....well..."ecclectic"
  • the ENTIRE new Anthony Hamilton CD..."Back to Love". ESP this song
  • I want someone to feel that way for me....soon and very soon
  • how my name sounds in certain accents...
  • regular magazines
  • counting down the days until I sink my toes into the sand
  • my creative writing has improved. I hope I can do the same for my academic writing
  • foot rubs
  • foot arch tattoos (def gonna be my next one)
  • sucking toes ONLY during sex. I mean,...any other time is kinda odd. (LOL)
  • All these celeb divorces....jeesh. Oh well
  • Again...Im not a fan of Beyonce AT ALL (and everyone knows this...) but I sure would like some of the JOY she feels when she sings "Love on Top" (and the song makes no sense...but still)
  • that I'm almost at my hair length goal of "Waist-Length"..and I'm better at self-styling.
  • ChescaLocs blog is so dope....she's awesome.
  • My boy Jackson Bracey won a dope award for best sex/relationship blog. I see you homie /li>
  • Wacka Flacka "Round of Applause"
  • ..Followed by Rihanna's "Birthday Cake"
  • apparently...I like strip club music
  • i"m so ATL (LOL)
  • I think I am on the verge of SOMETHING big.


  • Thug Lovin' (more on that in a blog TBA)
  • "Reppin my Hood'
  • Speaking of "hood"...how the HELL does ATL rank as the best city for black singles? LIES i tell ya.
  • Jim Jonez hood ass, piss-poor proposal to his long-time "Ride or Die" chick Chrissy
  • The term "Ride or die chick". Im not dying for NOBODY...esp not over no hood sh*t
  • Speaking of Chrissy...her mole has its own area code. Please remove that melanoma
  • Then again...she did get SOME kinda proposal...I dont know if I'd get another.
  • People who pound their fist when they talk to emphasis a point. I know you ain't bout that life or about sh*t for that matter.
  • relationships that are JUST full of texting and sexting.
  • emptiness and silence when I turn the key...
  • Working out.
  • My work load....Im over worked and underpaid. *sigh*
  • sleepless nights.
  • sleeping naked ALL THE TIME. No way..what if I gotta run out the house real quick??
  • that my shoe blog seems like it's slipping....Hmm...how do I spice that up?? *maybe a give away*
  • Shoot...I need a give-away for THIS site. I wanna do one for the fellas for V-day.
  • Speaking of men...MALE PMS is real and I aint feeling it.
  • HBO cancelled Bored to Death..that pissed me off!
  • the following words: Cock, Twat, and Cunt. They all make my skin crawl (even as I type them)
  • like I have anything to Video Blog about
  • dating while broke. Uhm....just don't date.
  • like a loser cause I can't play poker or golf.
  • Magazines on my Kindle. It's just odd. LOL
  • Again..I am NOT FAN..but folks hawking for the spawn of Beyonce and JayZ. Let that lady live...and that baby be blessed! JEESH! Get out her womb!
  • That January is going by too fast ...gosh..we JUST got into 2012
  • It signals Valentine's Day is ahead...ugh....*rolls eyes*
  • Which also means..my birthday is right around the corner...33 and I haven't done half of what I wanna do. I need to do something......
  • maybe I'll shave my head
  • that this joint was WAY too long.... :)

January 5, 2012

Thursday Tunes: WHAM! Careless Whisper

I was born in 1979. I am truly the last of the 70s babies. But truthfully, I was cut my musical teeth on the music of the 80s. One of which was George Michael: blue eyed, sexy soul brother of Greek descent from the UK who had hits as the ambiguously (ok...maybe not so ambiguous) gay duo WHAM! I mean, I was like 5 when WHAM was out so I had no idea what gay was. But I surely knew that George Michael, with his feathered, bleached hair, was hotter than fire and undeniably cute.

Their #1 chart topper was "Wake Me Up (Before You Go! GO!)", a danceable tune that was a serious hit for them....(then George Michael left the group, strapped on some tight ass jeans, and blew up...all before becoming a coke-head mess, soliciting men in a bathroom and ultimately coming out the closet)

But my fav WHAM song  of all time was he smokey, sax-filled tune "Careless Whisper". I used to belt this one out with my Mother's hairbrush all the time. As I got older, I really realized what the song was about: one man's deep yearning for a woman (a friend he obviously missed the signs with) during a sultry, seductive dance. He took her for granted and now she's leaving. It made me realize that hey...we don't slow dance and savor the moments OR the people in our lives.

My favorite lyrics:

"To the heart and mind
Ignorance is kind
And there's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find"

So sit back and enjoy George Michael (and that other dude)..in his prime... and with very AWESOME hair :)

January 4, 2012

Beards: The New Porn

As you all know, I'm in my celibacy mode and I do not mess with porn anymore. It has been liberating. And quite frankly, it does absolutely nothing for me anymore. I've become sorta desensitized. Then again. I was never one of those people who watched porn to get off. It was more about..."studying"


One day, I ran across a blogger homie's Tweet about this blog: http://beardedandblack.tumblr.com/  with a pic of a man so deliciously sinful that my jaw hit the floor.

Why oh WHY did I have to find this Tumblr? While I generally find Tumblr confusing and just messy overall, I couldn't stop looking at the blog. I dunno WHO created this joint, but I owe them a debt of gratitude.

It was a mix of professionals (celebrities) and amateurs(regular Joe's) modeling their perfectly sculpted beards in all kinds of situations....

I became unusually aroused. It was weird.

There are few things I require of a man. One being straight white teeth. The other being facial hair.  I want to look like I'm dating a grown ass man.

Dear GOD..there is something so sexy..so manly about facial hair. Especially on black men. I like moustaches (and that's a minimum), a nice goatee, but the well crafted beard is a rarity. I mean, brothers have difficulty growing smooth, even facial hair. Sometimes they get that "swiss cheese* look (my Dad has it too...)  So when you find a dude w/ a perfect beard (a la Anthony Anderson..who..IMO..has THE BEST beard ever), it really turns me on.

I started looking at the blog all day, everyday.....

 Imagining how the dude's beard felt against my cheek...my skin..my..thighs...cradled between my hands...on my lips....

I was getting hot.

I was getting sweaty.

My palms were not still.

I was breathing hard.

I was licking my lips

My mind was wondering and wandering.

In short....I was getting turned on

*looks over at my "toy drawer* collecting dust*

*shuts down Safari......yet bookmarks this page*

*goes to read my Bible*

I thought I was weird. Until I realize there are entire sets of porn and stuff dedicated to "bearded men". Granted, it's mostly GAY (LOL)..but it's out there. I love beards. So at least I knew I wasn't alone. (lol)

Most sisters I polled also love facial hair. Very rarely did I find some that didn't like facial hair. If so...they are weirdos (LOL).

Perhaps it's a preference. Perhaps it's a weird fetish. Either way..I want to thank the person who created that Tumblr account. It has replaced my need for porn. Praise him (or her)!

January 2, 2012

Dimples: A Poem

Deep sandalwood pools
So deep that I want to
Drink wine from them.

I kiss them and melt
into their wells of heaven.
So intricate are they
They defy mere definition

Simple hollows in your cheek
Unordinary to most
But they speak to me
Code that signal you are pleased

I love their secrecy.
Only appearing when you smile
Hidden under sculpted beard
They play hide and seek with me

Deep almost cavernous
I want to swim in them
Make love to them
Because I’m sure they’ve been neglected.

Unchartered erogenous zone
When you talk and laugh
My eyes gaze upon those impressions
Mesmerized by the dance they do

God’s grandiose touch
of handsome upon you
The Creator was showing off
Placing that final touch
Strategically perfect imperfections

I trace my fingers along their impression
Finger softly over cheek
Hoping that my touch
Arouses them into plain sight

Deep sandalwood pools
So deep that I want to
Drink wine from them.

January 1, 2012

12 Things about Me for 2012

(Oh yes...I am serious about my Falcons #1SAINTSHATER)

I thought I'd kick off 2012 with a little bit about me. You know, to get reacquainted with TheMochaPeach in the new year. It should be fun, right? So here we go:

1) I am deathly and I do mean DEATHLY afraid of clowns. Clowns..the BK King...I hate clowns with a passion. *shudders* I even saw a porn once with a clown mask in it and I almost vomited and fainted.

2) I feel naked when I go out the house without earrings on. I NEED earrings.

3) I want to become a professional fitness model but uhm...I got MILES to go.

4) If I wasn't an academic/academic professional, I'd move to Amsterdam and open a sex and/or weed shop. OR be a resort event planner ( I know...two extremes).

5) My ultimate goal is to move to London, UK to teach on the university level....and marry an Idris Elba type and have kids who say "knickers", "jumpers" (for sweaters)  and "bloak"

6) You will NEVER EVER catch me on a roller coaster. The thought makes me SUPER sick.

7)I'm serious about my football. Do not call me when the game is on. Or a BOWL game is on. Or UGA is on. Just don't. and I surely DO hate the AINTS (aka Saints). GO BIRDS! Win or Lose!

8)I know I'm country cause my dream car is an F-150 Limited Edition Harley Davidson truck (LOL)

9) I am the BEST kisser you've ever laid your lips on. *cheese*

10) Tequila makes me lose my religion. and I'd call myself a serious expert

11) I want to eat at every single famous Hot Dog spot in the USA: Pinks in L.A., Superdawg-Chicago, Nu-Way in Macon (DONE) Coney Island-Detroit, Nathans' (DONE),  Puka Dog-Hawaii, Gray's Papaya (DONE), The Varsity (DUH). It's a personal goal of mine.

12) I used to try and make my voice raspy and deep like Lauren Becall or Kathleen Turner. I'd practice my "Nina Simone"/Cassandra Wilson in the shower. But I never could get it right. I sounded like a transvestite.

*Bonus: I like quirky tee-shirts. Superhero shirts, Greek Shirts, Positive Shirts, Funny shirts. ANything that expresses who I am.


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