April 13, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling


  • I met Jill Scott!! I was with my friend Rita and we were at Cheesecake factory! She was so nice! I shook her hand!  She even did a little bow!She had her cute son and looked amazing!!! *sigh* I had a serious girl crush!
  • Jill is a goddess that can do no wrong..an Aries Goddess. *le swoon*
  • Our waiter was so gay and excited (LOL)..he tipped us off that Jill was in the corner booth!
  • That made my whole week! Seriously!
  • The semester is ending
  • I think Imma bring the full bush, 1970s pubes back. I mean..why torture myself with the waxing. I doubt anyone is gonna see it for a while. *shrug*
  • ASOS.com
  • Zara.com (LOVE IT)
  • Canibus brownies (I've never had any...I just like the idea)
  • legalized prostitution and labor unions for sex work.
  • I love my women's studies classes more than my English classes.
  • Just 1.5 more years to go.....let's hope at least....we shall see...
  • Scandal. I like that show....
  • Surprise visits...
  • laughing until I cry
  • Big KRIT
  • Monica's new album
  • Passion at first sight
  • Melanie Fiona's MF Life album....
  • Intimacy....I crave it


  • I was too chicken shit to take a pic with Jill Scott. I didn't want to be a stalker and shit.
  • I hate that brandy and monica song..but they sound great. sad. smh
  • Frustrated. I looked at the calendar and realized I would have been married 6 years next week. 
  • I am not upset that I am divorced. But....so much could have occured by then
  • I fucking HATE dating. I hate the "new meetings". I hate pretending like I give a sh*t that you like Dutch Windmill arts (lol). I hate wasting my new shoes and  I don't like your yapping dog, son! Your little kid is a fucking brat!  I just hate dating...the "interview" process of it all.
  • I am tired of school. Just tired. Not having someone to come home to afterwards makes it even more exhausting
  • That being said...i still don't like dating and don't want to though (LOL).
  • My friends who were both friends with me AND me ex....need to pick a muthafucking team. You cant be friends with both of us. LOL
  • I def dont wanna be friends with any of his friends. Blah... 
  • When your man's BFF is a girl. I guarantee he's just "glass dick in a jar".
  • Speaking of which...I wouldnt mind some "in house" cause I am stressed the F**k out. *sigh*
  • Kerry Washington always looks like something smells.
  • That i've had no shoe blog inspiration...maybe soon
  • My "love life" is like one really long , unfunny, unsexy episode of Sex and the City. On repeat smh
  • Nicki Minaj's weird turn of style.....or maybe she's just always been a clusterfuck of awfulness
  • That my job is open during the summer. *sigh*
  • today is Friday the 13th....*shudders*
  • my DVR will never hold enough of the great TV shows that are..*sigh*
  • Intimacy....it alludes me.


  1. The Bush is always the way to go.

  2. Kerry does have a funky mouth and slight lisp or something funky going on when she talks. Pretty girl but def a funky/weird mouth. Scandal is FAB!

    I HATE the dating game (the very few times I have tried in recent yrs) I suck at it and prob why I am single I don't have a rep. so what you see is what you get and I guess men don't like what they see but it is what it is.

  3. Yeah, im not a fan of shaving/waxing/nair'ing and do it on an "as-needed" basis only.

    Girl, u should have taken that pic with Jill!! And yes, she is gorgeous & fab.

    I cant WAIT to see ure ASOS goodies!!! You've got an Emily B type figure, so i know those things will look good on you.

  4. @Y..

    you are always so kind to think I have this banging curvaceous shape. It;'s all shapewear, hone-tee! LMAO! and I am shocked you dont like Brazilians. You take me for a Brazilian gal. LMAO!



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