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A Follow-Up Blog: Click-A-Date

When we last left off, ya’ll, I had gone out on a total limb and met this fine, and caramel skinned Adonis at the coffee shop from a dating site. Well….he’s still around but….well...let me back it the story up:

After I met the man I now call “Green Eyes”, we talked for a while. I noticed that he'd much rather text or IM than talk on the phone. Hmmm...A bit of a red flag for me but in this age of technology, I really don’t expect me to be super talkative on the phone. We have talked...but maybe a total of 3-4 times. After our initial meeting, I sent him a text and said it was a pleasure to meet him. I didn’t get a response until the next day. I felt somewhat hurt that he didn’t appear to have the same enthusiasm I had felt. He asked me...”So…what was your impression of me?” And I said quite sweetly that I thought he was nice, handsome man and we had great conversation. He said he enjoyed talking to me and that he “had to stop himself from staring and drooling”. Interesting.

He constantly sends me “Good morning” texts…which is also very sweet but there isn’t much else after the texts...sometimes he goes hours without responding. Another red flag for me. It’s not that I NEED or want constant texting but going hours and hours without correspondence really tells me a) you are too busy and b) perhaps you have your “poker” in multiple fires...if you know what I mean. or c) as I read in Hill Harper's book "You are contacting me NOW with a general text in order for you not to have to contact me for the rest of the day to have the appearance that I'm on your mind.". Very slick move by brothas these days...LOL

I think the kicker was our first “date”. I put that in quotes for a reason. He picked me up at my job and we went to a spot that made salads. Oh,he did all the gentlemanly things: opened doors, got my drink for me, let me taste his food. But he did commit one cardinal sin: I paid for my lunch. Yeah, I paid for my own lunch despite the fact that HE asked me to lunch in the first place (and another thing: he asked me via text which I found a bit off-putting.BUT…I was willing to look past that). I am a firm believer in the rule “he who asks, pays” and HE could mean SHE because I’ve certainly paid for a date a time or two without qualms. The conversation at lunch was good for the most part, but somehow, I don’t know, I felt maybe he didn’t want to get to know me. When I asked was there anything he wanted to know about me, he said “Well...I read your Facebook and stuff...and you’re sexy...what else do I need to know?” WOW…really, dude? I spoke about myself and he didn’t appear to be listening which made me think I was boring. Yikes! The follow up text after the date was “I got to see more of your shape”. I must admit, that hurt me. I thought “Wow! I thought I was quite charming today and the only thing he could comment on was that he got to see more of my physique?” (Ok, so maybe he committed a few cardinal dating sins. LOL.)

So I guess I can’t call it a date if I paid for my own lunch. He was just accompanying to me at lunch, you know? I will say we had a great hug and laughed and things...but...I don’t know. *sigh* A lot remains to be seen. I mean I’m certainly not putting all my eggs in one basket and I am certainly going to date more. But I thought for sure I hit a home run my first time at bat! So much is/was confusing (but hammercy if that man wasn't fine! I could lick his face off...LOL) . I don't know much about the male psyche....LOL

There is more that some of my friends know BUT I won’t spoil my general reading public with it or have a biased opinion. I don’t want to discourage you all from trying something new or finding love/friends in a new spot. I am so glad I met Green Eyes. If anything, he’ll be a great friend! AND it also goes to show me that I can pull a man that fine! I mean it was a SERIOUS confidence booster! We still speak and he's sweet and I hold nothing against him and I won't! I mean a lot can occur and part of me still hopes upon hopes and wishing that there is a romantic connection...only God knows!

I actually ended up deleting my profile from that site. I realized that I didn’t have enough time or energy to put into it. I had to concentrate on school, work, etc. and perhaps this was a distraction for me from the big picture of things going on in my life.

A lot remains to be seen…but…

As Jay-Z says….”ON TO THE NEXT ONE!”

Toodles, ya’ll!!



  1. Dernit! Well I guess everyone can't be "the one." It's nice that you two can still be friends. :-)


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